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If you feel like your business deserves some recognition in an area of excellence, you might want to think about trying to get awarded for it. Awards show your customers and other businesses that you take your work seriously and endeavour to beat the competition that you face in your industry. They’re used by all the big businesses, when the opportunity comes along, in adverts on all platforms including the internet and TV. Being awarded by a well-known and prestigious organisation provides you with an emblem that you can proudly showcase and, as a result, increase confidence in your business.

The new Prince Anne training awards have been created by City and Guilds Group to honour employers who have developed training programmes that have resulted in positive commercial benefits. One of the best things about the awards is that application is open to all businesses, regardless of how big or small their operations are or what industry or sector they are based in.

If you feel that you deserve this kind of recognition, you should apply and join the candidate pool starting from January in 2016.

What Makes This Award Special?

City and Guilds Group is a huge organisation that is highly respected for its areas of work which include providing training and development programmes to unemployed, young adults and just about anybody who wants to improve or develop new skills. The organisation that issues the awards is important to how much people will value the honour they give you; it’s probably not going to be very valuable to you if the award comes from an organisation that is neither well-known or has not yet earned a good reputation.

Why Should You Apply?

There’s no reason not to apply when any sized business can receive the award. It’ll help set you apart from the competition and you’ll have an instantly recognisable emblem that will prove you’re a company that can be trusted. If you receive the award, you’ll be provided with a logo that can be placed on your website, mentioned in your business email signature, used for marketing purposes through email communication with your clients and even on printed collateral.

Having a positive reputation is crucial for business success and it can be hard to earn given that you need to deliver professional services to customers who can spread the word over a long period of time. Winning a prestigious award quickly earns you a good reputation and you’ll be able to instantly showcase your achievement to the world.

How To Apply

If you think your business is in with a chance of winning, you should check out Princess Anne training awards to see if you comply with the required criteria. Remember, the chances of winning are in no way related to the size of your business. This is a recently created award, and application opens in January 2016 with the first ceremony being held later in the year.

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