How to share to certain friends lists only, on Facebook

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I get asked a lot for tuts on FB and the latest was how i share only to certain people on my profile.
Here is a quick, scruffy, tutorial
This is only for Facebook


Click the top finding which are your contacts

On the first friend, on the right, click on the word FRIEND



Scroll to the bottom

Add a new list CLOSE FRIENDS
go back to the list and add people you really want to see your posts all the time to CLOSE FRIENDS
next time you share, don’t just post to public, hit MAKE POST

See who do you want to see this post and find CLOSE FRIENDS then send

All future posts will be to close friends only until you change it

Not even normal friends can see this unless on the CLOSE FRIENDS list
You can tell at a glance who you shared with

Look under the post title

Earth icon means it was public

Star means you shared to a group privately ( you can click on it to see which group )
Hope that helps

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