Pi Day – A Celebration with Pies

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I LOVE Craftsy.  I can spend hours on this site looking at all the brilliant tutorials.  One of the things I like about it is that it helps me learn, not only new things, but other peoples ways of doing things I do everyday, and  often they do it better 🙂

Obviously my favourite pages are the Painting Classes and the Photography Classes but just recently I have been tasting the cooking channels…..get it….tasting…cooking… oh never mind….

I thought when I saw this that I would have to pass it on.

In celebration of 3.14, we’ve been invited to receive 50% off all pie-related classes at Craftsy!

This offer ends on 3/21 @11:59pm MT.

Get them while they’re hot!

Learn to make incredible pies of all types – sweet & savoury! All these classes include pie-related content.

Enrol Now and Make your Tummy’s Day

My son bought me a pie maker for Christmas… going to see if there are new fillings and pastries for it!

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