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I am exceptionally lucky in my life. I have one of the best jobs ever, Community Manager on where every day I meet and talk to amazing, interesting artists and photographers.

On Pixels, part of my job is to look after the many hundreds of groups we have there. Groups are places members may get together with their own discussions and featured image areas. All the groups have one thing in common and that is their great administrators. I regularly run contests for ‘my’ administrators, and one winner was a lady who runs a group called The Gallery Wall. Her name is CJ Anderson and she just won our MOST HELPFUL HOST contest

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I asked her to tell us a little about the group.

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I developed THE GALLERY WALL Group just 13 months ago with the idea that members, buyers, and collectors view it as they would a local gallery near them. The artists who wish to join must have a diverse art collection due to the weekly themes chosen for the exhibited works of art added to the group’s homepage each week. Submitted pieces to THE GALLERY WALL MUST be ‘Gallery Quality’ which means that the piece or pieces would likely to be accepted by a gallery curator to be exhibited and with the HIGH HOPES of selling!

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So, how are THE GALLERY WALL member’s images selected that are submitted daily? I approach to viewing the members artwork as I do when I make a trip to galleries and museums. They are a source of delight and stimulation. I don’t go through the images quickly or haphazardly. If I do? Then I have not SEEN the art. I let my eyes rest on the piece for at least a few minutes. Sometimes I tilt my head to the side and stare at it again from a different angle. As in tasting fine wine, swishing the wine around in my mouth and across my taste buds, viewing art requires giving my eyes some swishing time. So if my eyes are my taste buds when it comes to art…THEN I’M GOING TO SWISH AWAY!

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The appreciation for the many mediums THE GALLERY WALL accepts is tremendous! From oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings, to pencil, ink, and charcoal drawings, photography which allows us to be taken to places we could only imagine traveling to, and the abstracts that stretch our imagination to heights we never thought possible! THE GALLERY WALL is truly an ‘Artist Colony.’

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CJ has actually won a few of the contests I have held for the group administrators and is among the many ‘on hand’ people who make the groups such fun and so successful. After I announced the winner I then asked her to create a special contest for her members. Those entrants have the images here in this article. You can see from these few images why her group is one of the most popular. Fabulous work and real eye candy!

Photography Prints
Art Prints
After The Storm PassedAfter The Storm Passed Sandi OReilly
Sunrise on the Sahara DesertSunrise on the Sahara Desert Lindley Johnson
Watkins Glen Rainbow FallsWatkins Glen Rainbow Falls Stephen Stookey
In The Stillness... Love Whispers My NameIn The Stillness… Love Whispers My Name Lucinda Walter
The First SuccsesThe First Succses Viktoriya Sirris
Sunset at Tumon BaySunset at Tumon Bay Scott Cameron
Tiger Spirits in the Garden of the BuddhaTiger Spirits in the Garden of the Buddha Joseph J Stevens
Water Lilies and Chihuly Glass Baubles At Missouri Botanical GardenWater Lilies and Chihuly Glass Baubles At Missouri Botanical GardenGenevieve Esson
MotherMother’s Love Renuka Sridhar
The Lost WorldThe Lost World Dustin LeFevre
Blue Dandelion Dew by Kaye MennerBlue Dandelion Dew by Kaye Menner Kaye Menner
Sand Castles IISand Castles II James Berger
Oil MSC 058Oil MSC 058 Mario Sergio Calzi
Afternoon NapAfternoon Nap Sherry Shipley
Red on BlackRed on Black Joy McAdams
The BeachThe Beach Barbara S Nickerson
Fractal contact - silver copper blackFractal contact – silver copper black Matthias Hauser
One Night In Paris One Night In Paris Ken Figurski
Great Horned OwlGreat Horned Owl Pat Eisenberger
Beauty in Red Square FormatBeauty in Red Square Format Ernie Echols
Tryon CreekTryon Creek Lorraine Baum
Fairy Dust or Angel KissesFairy Dust or Angel Kisses Lori Pessin Lafargue
Fast FoodFast Food Elena Nosyreva
BirchTrees in FallBirchTrees in Fall Esther Newman-Cohen
HookedHooked Juli Scalzi
Autumn Mist Blue Ridge ParkwayAutumn Mist Blue Ridge Parkway Terry DeLuco
Morgan FreemanMorgan Freeman Andrew Read
The Titans -- Von KarajanThe Titans — Von Karajan Nick Young
I Am What I AmI Am What I Am Jean Cormier
Electric MoonElectric Moon Richard Reeve
Stormy BrillianceStormy Brilliance Catherine Melvin
WhoWho’s Been in the Candy Dish Eileen Tascioglu
Rocky ShorelineRocky Shoreline Eddie Yerkish
Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria GermanyNeuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria Germany Ginger Wakem
UpliftingUplifting Tracy F
One Fine EveningOne Fine Evening Irfan Dar
Yacht Fearless on Lake Taupo Yacht Fearless on Lake Taupo Venetia Featherstone-Witty
Hamburg Hafen CityHamburg Hafen City Colin Hunt
Dawn Breaking on South Florida MarshlandDawn Breaking on South Florida Marshland Merton Allen
That feels so goodThat feels so good Barbara Dudley
Little Rest in a WillowLittle Rest in a Willow Birgit Moldenhauer
End of the DayEnd of the Day Marvin Spates
Dramatic AbstractDramatic Abstract Rafael Salazar
Africa CallsAfrica Calls Diann Blevins
DawnDawn Aarti Bartake
BirdyBirdy Carlos Vieira
Canoes - Canisbay LakeCanoes – Canisbay Lake Richard Andrews
Whispers of the TreesWhispers of the Trees Inspired Arts
Newburyport Ma in WinterNewburyport Ma in Winter Anne Sands
Chanel Vintage Perfume BottleChanel Vintage Perfume Bottle Renee Anderson
Glenn Falls 006Glenn Falls 006 George Bostian
The Story of TeaThe Story of Tea Nina Silver
NeighborsNeighbors Eleanor Bortnick
Six Japanese BowlsSix Japanese Bowls RC deWinter
DoorwayDoorway Rahdne Zola
IlluminationIllumination Theresa Campbell
MondrianMondrian’s Apples Chrystyne Novack
EllieEllie’s Touch Pamela Clements
Whereever You Go....Whereever You Go…. Claudia Moeckel
Narrow streetNarrow street Ana Dawani
Passion 1Passion 1 Johanna Hurmerinta
The DaisyThe Daisy’s Behind Susan Pantuso
The Color of SummerThe Color of Summer Liesl Walsh
Dogwood in Spring ColorsDogwood in Spring Colors Lil Taylor
Horns And BonesHorns And Bones Steven Parker
MonetMonet’s Bench Irving Starr
Lily Lily Sharon Duguay
Golden SunriseGolden Sunrise William Moore
Summer in the Garden in ProvenceSummer in the Garden in Provence Verlaine Crawford
Pointing to the HeavensPointing to the Heavens Susan Rissi Tregoning
Counter Seating AvailableCounter Seating Available Lois Bryan
War Eagle MillWar Eagle Mill Tony Colvin
Lush Bouquet of PeoniesLush Bouquet of Peonies Nikolay Panov
Being SelectiveBeing Selective Wendy Wilton
Hill Country ParadiseHill Country Paradise Tom Weisbrook
Palmyra - PalmiraPalmyra – Palmira Vanda Caminiti
Fluttering FeathersFluttering Feathers Randi Grace Nilsberg
Earth, Sky and SeaEarth, Sky and Sea Allan Mathison
Bow Lake Ice FishingBow Lake Ice Fishing Scott W White
Moving AlongMoving Along Ava Shelton
Iris - Goddess Of SerenityIris – Goddess Of Serenity Carol Cavalaris
Alley Mill And SpringAlley Mill And Spring Jennifer White
Dressed In BlueDressed In Blue Tina LeCour
The Most Holy RosaryThe Most Holy Rosary Mary Ann Goughler
Ablaze Ablaze Desline Vitto
Port au Choix Newfoundland and Labrador Port au Choix Newfoundland and Labrador Vickie Emms
Delicate Delicate Jeff Roney
Sarah Smile Sarah Smile Sydne Archambault
Hot in the Middle Hot in the Middle Shirley Sykes Bracken
The tree of Life L Alain Nantel
Stained Glass Magnificence Stained Glass Magnificence Ann Horn
Dreaming Dreaming Jeanette French
Cottage Life 3 Cottage Life 3 Lin Grosvenor
Beach Sunset Beach Sunset Elena Sokolova
Spring In Holland Spring In Holland Ian Gledhill
For The Best Tea Only For The Best Tea Only lexandra Lavizzari
After the Storm After the Storm Stacie Gary
Friendship Friendship Valerie Anne Kelly
Artistic red and orange Artistic red and orange Leif Sohlman
Fantacular Fantacular Troy Brown
Monument Beach Monument Beach Kurt Golgart
Feather and Barbed Wire Feather and Barbed Wire Debby Pueschel
Sagrada Familia Barcelona Modern Impressionist Palette Knife Oil Painting By Ana Maria Edulescu Sagrada Familia Barcelona Modern Impressionist Palette Knife Oil Painting By Ana Maria Edulescu Ana Maria Edulescu
Being a Woman 8 -Lost in Thoughts Being a Woman 8 -Lost in Thoughts Kume Bryant
Tuesday Sunrise Tuesday Sunrise Bruce Frye
Lure Lure Rosalie Scanlon
Sweet Pea Morning on the Blue Ridge Sweet Pea Morning on the Blue Ridge Kendall Kessler
Amethyst Iris 2 Amethyst Iris 2 Debra Baldwin
Lidia Lidia’s Window April McCarthy-Braca
The Playfair The Playfair Dale Kincaid
Peruvian Road Peruvian Road Jennifer Ansier
Musician Musician’s Hands David and Carol Kelly
Opolo Vineyard Opolo Vineyard Joseph Smith
 Force de la Nature Force de la Nature Aline Halle-Gilbert
Movin Movin’ and a Groovin’ Louise Adams
Orange Sunflowers - Found In The Attic Orange Sunflowers – Found In The Attic Sandra Foster
Pink Poppies Pink Poppies Veronica Rickard
Trio Trio Sharon Nelson-Bianco
Red Sky In The Morning Red Sky In The Morning Hanne Lore Koehler
Grand Tetons Moon Grand Tetons Moon Wildlife Fine Art
AtlanticSaltMarsh AtlanticSaltMarsh Helen Harris
Reflection Reflection Christopher James
 Hound Dog Hound Dog’s pleeease Kelly Mills
Kinderdijk Kinderdijk Richard Ginnett
Glass of Wine Glass of Wine Gregory Gopp
Underwater Beauty Underwater Beauty Farideh Haghshenas
Bartram Bartram’s Ixia Paul Rebmann
Time And Space Time And Space Steve Purnell

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23 thoughts on “Gallery Wall

  1. Thank you for featuring my work CJ in your gallery… You’re doing a great job and I feel privileged to be a invited into this group 🙂

  2. Irfan

    Thank you C.J and Abbie for this wonderful and encouraging recognition. Most appreciated.

  3. Thank you C.J. and Abbie for this opportunity to have our work shown.

  4. Great article! Thank you so much Abbie and CJ! Beautiful work everyone!! It is an honor to be part of this amazing group of talented artists!!

  5. Congratulations to all. Thanks Abbie and CJ.

  6. Thank you very much, Abbie, for your wonderful tribute to CJ and her creative administration of The Gallery Wall. To be included in your article with the ‘best work’ of other Gallery Wall artist friends is a privilege and an honor.

  7. CJ has, once again, opened the door of opportunity to The Gallery Wall group to receive much appreciated exposure of our work and promote the talented artists! Thank you!

  8. Sydne Archambault

    Fabulous article Abbie and CJ! A fantastic group to belong to, and the art and photography is always the cream of the crop! CJ is a dedicated Group Administrator and a good friend of mine! Cheers to all in the group for their hard work and talent!

  9. The Gallery Wall is such a pleasure to be involved with! Always exciting and challenging, I look forward to everything C.J. Anderson throws our way. I am thrilled to be included in this group of gifted artists as well as being having my image showcased. Thank you all so much for making this happen. Congratulations to all who participated as well as the winning images.

  10. Tina LeCour

    Congratulations to all the wonderful artists in this group, I am so honored to be a part of it..thank you very much Abby and a special thanks to CJ for all the wonderful work and dedication you have given to The Gallery Wall!!

  11. Great Article and beautiful artwork. I have been to many museums here in America and abroad and this collection on the Gallery Wall is one of the most diverse and asthetically pleasing as I seen in my travels. CJ, you do a wonderful job putting together this website and collection of artists. Abbie, you’ve done a great job writing and showcasing CJ’s work along with the other artists she has taken on to assist in their success. I wish you both much success and fulfillment in your endeavors.

    Great Collection!
    Theresa Cangelosi

  12. Susan Pantuso

    Thank you very much for your wonderful article Isabella and CJ. What an honor it is to be featured and published with so many fine artists. Congrats to all!!!

  13. Very nice article! Thank you so much to Abbie and CJ for the exposure and all of their hard work. It is a privilege to be displayed among this wonderful group of talented artists. Thank you so much!

  14. Vickie Emms

    It’s pleasure to be a member of The Gallery Wall and be involved in all the activities CJ presents to the members. I’m so proud to be included in this article as a contestant in the contest.
    Thank you to the two top ladies of FAA, CJ Anderson and Abbie Shores for making this article possible 🙂

  15. What an honor it is to be among such Talented and dedicated artists. Thank you CJ for all you do as the administrator of the Gallery Wall and, with such enthusiasm, and a wonderful artist in her own right. And a very special thank you to Isabella for making all this possible. It shows your true dedication to what you love doing, and also a wonderful artists.

  16. Without CJ and Abbie we wouldn’t be getting this exposure… a big thanks to you both and well done fellow artists, what a great selection of art. Really appreciate being among the Best Of Work selection.

  17. Congratulations to everyone! And big thanks to CJ and to Abbie! 🙂 So honored to be part of this.

  18. It’s such a privilege to be among this group’s wonderful artists who not only have talent but a nurturing spirit so vital to building a vibrant community. No one embodies that better than CJ Anderson. Major props to her — and thank you, Isabella for all that you do.

  19. Great article from Abbie and CJ. I really enjoy being a member of THE GALLERY WALL, as there is such a diverse and talented group of artists. And administrator, CJ, is very dedicated to presenting quality work. Also thrilled to have won showcased artist in the ‘Best Work Of Art’ contest with my ‘Iris-Goddess Of Serenity’, and it is a special bonus to have the art featured in 1st Angel Magazine.

  20. lois

    Most sincere congratulations to everyone … an amazing group of artists!!! A special congratz to our fabulous group host, CJ Anderson and a very special thank you to Isabella FA Shores for this special feature!! Cool!!!

  21. Thank you for such a wonderful article, Isabella. Having my work featured in ‘THE GALLERY WALL’ on FAA has been both an honour and a thrill. CJ Anderson has created an artist’s home and studio of sorts, all in one. It is a pleasure to be part of such a talented group of international artists.

  22. Thank you, Abbie! This was a real thrill for me and for the fine members of THE GALLERY WALL!

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