Depression – All of us are special

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Major depression strikes without warning.  You can be watching television, reading a book, talking to a friend and suddenly the world changes.  A sudden cloud surrounds you in grey smog.  What was bright is now misty and far away.  Your stomach sinks and your throat is tight.  Eyes brim with tears (or not, depends) and the future is… well, suddenly it doesn’t matter and you just know…KNOW that nothing will ever change.  That nothing is truly worth it.

Have you said too much to your friends?  Are they fed up with you?  Do you look stupid to them?  You must

You will never lose that weight.  You know it  Oh they say you can but you know you are always going to be fat.

It is horrible out there and people are horrible and they lie, they lie to you and you lie to yourself

Everybody goes through different things but the one thing they all have in common is that they feel not good enough.  Not strong enough.  Stupid, fat, thick, silly, ugly, unloved…..and yet everyone I have known with depression, every one without fail, have always had things going for them.  They’ve been funny, intelligent, bright, beautiful.

All of us are special.  We all have our dreams and hopes and needs.  All of us go through sadness in our life at one point or another.  If you are not sure what all the fuss about depression is, think of yourself with that sadness doubled, placed in a dark room in isolation and then the door locked.  You are in there alone.  Nobody can get to you to help.   You can see people through the window but they are hurrying past with their lives whilst you are locked in alone, in the dark.  No where to turn or go to get away from it.  People are telling you how you should feel.  What you should do.  It washes over you.  Means nothing and just makes you feel worse as you do not have the energy to do anything, even washing yourself, let alone going out.  This can be or an hour or for days, even weeks.

There are many reasons for it.  Upbringing, circumstances, chemicals and others. Does it matter which it is causing it?  Will that help the sufferer?  There are blogs that give articles on what to do if you feel a session of depression coming on.  Even knowing the sign of a depressive onslaught cannot stop it  Going through exercises can make you feel like a failure if you are not instantly better. Doctors feed pills that can make you suicidal themselves and friends feed advice. But, at the end, it is only the person going through it who can find their own way of coping with it.  All they need is someone to listen and not judge.  To be there and not force a solution.  To care.



If you are suffering from depression and are feeling like there is no future for you, Please, please contact the Samaritans

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  1. I hadn’t realised depression could come on quite so suddenly so this article has been very informative. I think as someone who knows several people who suffer from depression, but don’t suffer from depression myself, it is hard to know what to say or do when they hit that crisis as the first you know of it is usually in a tearful phone call, a strange email or changes in behaviour that signal that a crash might be on its way. As the article says, the only thing you can do to help is to be there and listen.

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