Review: Eye in the Sky

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I have just returned home from a family night to the movies to see Guy Hibbert’s Eye in the Sky starring Helen Mirren, Aaron Paul and the late Alan Rickman. In my opinion this is the best film of the year so far. There is just so much to think about it makes your head spin. As the story unfolded I found myself first thinking one way then another and then back again. It’s an amazingly tense story of the use of military drones and really does explore a wide array of characters in a remarkably efficient detail. Every single character in the film has a key role and my head is still spinning from considering the implications of it all. I have a feeling I will find it difficult to get to sleep tonight.



As expected with this cast line up the acting is utterly flawless, providing just the right mixture of tension, concern, anger and frustration. Gavin Hood’s direction is wonderful, with excellent use of camera angles from the drones and street level.

This movie really should be up for an Oscar.


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2 thoughts on “Review: Eye in the Sky

  1. Sounds great! We saw a trailer for it yesterday and added it to our list.

    1. Richard Reeve

      A must see, in my opinion – the best drama this year! We were talking about it again this morning. It is interesting to compare it to American Sniper (another great film, in my opinion), where the protagonist has to personally make split second, critical decisions.

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