Warning about breast lifters

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All ladies like to put up a good front but this can be a dangerous beauty treatment for some of us.


Like all large busty ladies (36E) I am worried about the encroaching years and what this will mean to my plentiful endowment. I have been playing with different bras, enhancers even, lifters and separators.  I may one day give you a list of those that work and those which …er…flopped.

Perusing a shopping site (which I won’t name as this is not their product, just sold through them and many others) I came across lifters.  Very easy to use by placing above your nipple, removing the backing and, pulling up gently, stick down.  Change daily.

So, I bought a pack and tested when they arrived.

WI think a couple of hours I was uncomfortable and took them off. To find a horrible sore.

A week later, after creams and lotions I still have it.  It’s almost like a burn.


If you are thinking about these at all, beware.  Only use after testing and then only somewhere it is not going to be rubbed constantly by clothes.

Now, instead of trying these things, I’ll go to the gym like I should have in the beginning!

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