A Summer’s Day

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Eternal Swans by Jason Christopher


A brief cold shiver

shrugs of Winter chill

sighs and cries.. .

a moment  to say a caring message
yet someone dropped those words
words can feel heavy

so very heavy
someone spoke to say something

falling endlessly
they couldn’t speak nor say, forsaking words and losing balance
as they fumbled over into voids of silence
those clumsy words we hold and throw and catch and share…

not one word was found to speak

Along the path

someone past her by
she caught a glimpse
eyes glazed

time trickles past.. .

rivers flow and flow

restless rivers, restless time

the flow of life

years later…

A ponder of thoughts by a river bench
they never age, once gone, those faces
memories are like ever-life flowers
slender stems
drooping bold colours
everlife flowers
just like photographs
good times smile

bad times.. . they all kind of fade away.. . with flowing time.. . . . . .

By a river

stillness, all quiet, smiles will come through
the laughs you had together
the warm words

she bought some flowers for both herself and her mother
and all the good memories.. .

the scent of Summer field and parks
in breeze and daze…

dazed.. . . .



A Summer’s day


© Jason Christopher 2016


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