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imageHot Toddy Crafts (Sally) recently sent me the most awesome jewellery  to show me what she has been up to lately.

All the products are beautifully hand crafted by Sally herself and you can see the love she has for the stones, and metals, in the way she moulds them into fabulous works of art.


The work, although delicate looking, is surprisingly sturdy and tough, each element put together in such a way to make it both wearable and durable.


One aspect of one of the bracelets I absolutely loved was the amazing clasp she had added.  One of the hardest parts of using clip on bracelets is the fiddly, really annoying, trying to do up bit

Although I have this down to a tee now, with paper clips and slight of hand, I still hate it but Sally has made it unbelievably easy.  It’s magnetic!  Just put the two ends around your wrist and, ‘ping’ the two ends snap together and it is totally clasped, firmly.  What was really annoying was, the two bracelets were not actually for me, but for my boyfriend and, when I tried to steal them, they were boyfriend sized lol


Check out her new Facebook page and, if in the neighbourhood, find her stall and say hi from 1stAngel!

(+44) 07557 308319
[email protected]
Freeman street market, Grimsby DN32 7DS.
Tuesday, Friday & Saturday 08:30 – 16:30.


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