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Rules For Keeping Safe on the Web

Don’t post any personal information.  Never give out your address, email or telephone number to any stranger.
Never give out bank details after following links in emails.  Go direct to the sites by clicking in your address bar and typing in the proper bank address.  … … Do not click a link and then give any details at all.
Don’t shop on a site unless it has the “https” and a padlock icon to the left or right of the URL
Never use your name, birthday or anniversary as a password.  Always use at least 8 letters, mixed with numbers at a minimum  eg leaster70s
Allow your computer to run updates as they mainly contain security updates.  Windows has its own firewall and always have that turned on.
Never meet anyone from the internet on your own and always do it in a crowded area.

Be careful when installing programmes or updates to programmes.  Always take the time to read what you are installing or agreeing to.
Ignore phishing emails.  Most scam mails do not use the company email they are pretending to be.  Ie they may claim to be from Paypal but have a gmail email address.  That is a phishing email.  They get you to click on a link and add your personal details.  Forward any of suspicious e-mails to the company it claims to be sent from. They will confirm whether the e-mail you received was real or not.
Never click on pop-ups or e-mails that claim you have won millions of dollars. These are scams.
Sharing too many details on social media sites can put you in physical danger.  If you tell everyone where you live and then mention you are going on holiday, this leaves you open to being burgled whilst you are away.

Be careful.  Stay safe.


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