So, he nominated me for push-ups!

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Conversation had today.....
Him, whilst throwing his arms around me: There you are…safety!
ME: Awwww
Him: Yes, nobody will attack me now I got my big lassie to protect me

You know, I have found that part of being in a relationship is the unpredictability of what that significant other does or may do at any given time….at least in our household.

My better half is a fitness freak. He has a great bod and the health of an ox, (unless you give him onions…..don’t ask what onions do POOOOOO), so he is in a great position to say yes to the latest fantastic thing going around Facebook for PTSD awareness.  Did you know that 22 veterans commit suicide everyday? I didn’t have a clue! So the guys are doing 22 push ups a day for 22 days is in support of those at risk.

Well this is awesome and I am very proud but I have to say that my fitness is of the level of walking to the shop to grab chocolate……if it is the local shop. So you can imagine my surprise…nay, HORROR, when that dearly beloved decided to nominate me!

On a serious note, having a brother who himself committed suicide, I am, of course going to do this challenge, but I am dreading it as I have never done a push up in my life! Just the thought of all that energy is curdling my tummy right now. So guys, watch this space! I will record and I will share.

Please, get involved, record yourself and nominate a friend…Let us know here and share the videos x


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  1. Wishing you all good luck … push ups are haaaarrrrrd!!!!!! Love the pics of the two of you!!

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