Striving for Adequacy

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As the new season kicks off, The Civic hosts a new exhibition by award winning designer Craig Oldham. Striving for Adequacy is a visual kick-about through the cultural existence of a club that has spent more seasons in the second tier of English football than any other – Barnsley Football Club.

All curated by a supporter, with supporters and for the supporters of the beautiful reds, Striving for Adequacy is a fond and honest portrayal of the real elements that make Barnsley FC the club we love, love to hate, and hate to love.

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Here Oldham acts as artist, designer and curator; holding aloft new club badges and banners that he has designed but also compiling banners, flags, shirts and other ephemera proudly loaned by Reds supporters from around the globe. Also on display is a wall of commissioned players’ portraits, Shit Hot & Just Shit, and even Barnsley’s own version of the Lord’s Prayer.

Striving for Adequacy will construct an alternative visual study of the history of Barnsley Football Club. A history that isn’t a skimming of the headlines, but an exploration the footnotes.

The reactionary chants; the satire; the self-deprecation; treasured memories of halcyon days; the laughter; the tears; the joy; and naturally the pain. There will be something all supporters can identify with, as after all they are as much Barnsley FC as anything else.

The irony is, since work started on this exhibition, the club’s fortunes have turned – wins at Wembley, promotion to the Football League Championship. But let’s not speak too soon, hey? UREDS!

Striving For Adequacy is on until 19th November at The Civic, Barnsley.

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