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source PixabayBuilding trust can take years in a business but losing it takes 2 seconds

That is what my Grandfather said to me when I was growing up and he was totally correct.  We spend all our lives as self employed business owners gaining clients trust and building a reputation and, in just 2 seconds, that can be blown out of the window.

With politicians it is seen in more stark contrast I think.  One minute you are lauded and the next, (affairs with secretaries, second home on the Azures paid for by the tax payer), you have lost everything,  Title, backers and followers.  Not a good move.

With us smaller fish it can be quieter, but devastating nonetheless.  We lose the trust of our customers and we close up shop, can’t pay our bills and sometimes lose our homes.

That is why you must make a point of never making promises unless you have thought it out and can keep to your word.  Your word is your bond  and your word has to mean something.  Telling people you are trustworthy, does not mean you are trustworthy.  What you DO is what makes you trustworthy.

So, if thinking about creating a lie, think first about how that lie will affect your clients and, therefore your business,  That can be anything from a sale held when it actually isn’t cheaper at all, to being somewhere on time when you say you will be.  Don’t make a promise on one day and rescind it the next.  The day you do that, is the day you are lost.

I think that is why some of the small family businesses stayed open for generation after generation.  The family lived in the neighbourhood and everyone knew everyone.  The customer knew that, if Old Sydney said something, he meant it. I feel we have lost something of that with the closure of the small shops and the opening of malls and supermarkets and even online shopping.  The faceless people feeding you lines is growing and it is harder, and harder, to find people of good reputation to shop with.  I have met artists recently who think nothing of spinning tales and tall stories just to sell you their work.  I never purchase from them, preferring to buy from people who I can see have been solid and true for years.

I don’t know.  Perhaps I am getting old but I feel we need to get back to basics and bring honesty back into our trading with others.

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