Needing a Little Lifter

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Watching a vid that My friend, Michael, just added to Facebook, made me think of a couple of weeks ago.

A lady was walking past me and she had the most gorgeous dress on. Her face was sour, she was like me, overweight if not by much, and her whole persona was misery. I said, “excuse me”. She looked up and frowned even more……”you really look beautiful in that dress…it’s so pretty”. Her whole face blushed but her eyes lit up and she smiled an embarrassed, but true, smile. She really then did look very beautiful in that dress.

The day before That I started chatting to an elderly lady, just in passing…you know the kind of thing…supermarket, both reaching for the same thing, “….. ah, I love that ketchup too” …..when I noticed she smelled wonderful. A mix of eu de toilette, talc and shampoo. So I told her and asked if I could take a sniff of her hair. She smiled hugely and told me to go ahead. I told her I would walk a million miles to get perfume that smelled that good so she spent 10 minutes chatting to me about the items she used, what she used to use….which started us talking about her mother, war days, rationing and beyond. A simple smell brought two people together if but for a short while.

If someone walks past and they look beautiful, tell them. Walk on, don’t make it weird, just tell them. Smile at someone. Help someone. Tell someone they smell good. It’s a horrible world sometimes, filled with normal people who need a little lift. Be the one to lift them x

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