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Didi’s Boutique, a small vintage fashion store in Altrincham, is situated upstairs on the road leading out of the town.  The small door, hidden between darker buildings, stands out with shiny, bright, cheerful signs leading the way into the upper small rooms, where clusters of clothes and jewellery are tastefully laid out.  At the back of the largest room, jutting in, is a stage where chairs and hairdressing equipment are set up with some ladies having their hair curled 40’s style.  It is normally used for small fashion shows.

Marie, the actual Didi of the shop, is one of those ladies having her hair done.  The Blusherettes, two lovely ladies, dressed appropriately, are the hairdressers.  I was met at the door by Sophie, a fabulously bubbly personality, with pink hair and a hand full of prosecco in a tall glass.  She was rushing around making sure all the customers were happy and doing a great job of it.  Sophie I am told is a real boon to the shop, making sure that Marie gets some time off and taking care of things on Saturdays.

Marie’s partner, Andrew, took time to chat with me and to tell me a little about Didi’s Boutique.

Once a tomboy Marie wore nothing but jeans and trainers normally, rarely playing at dress up.  Then Andrew came along and after about a year, he treated her to a full makeover, vintage style.  Marie took one look at the photographs of herself, dressed and hairdo’ed and fell in love with the whole collection.  From that moment on, she says, she was hooked.

After a while of buying all the vintage items she could and ending up with a wardrobe chockablock full of dresses, her daughter exclaimed that Mum had SO many clothes she should start a shop selling them.  So she did.

She started selling them on Facebook first, finally opening a page there called Vintage Lucy Loves, named after her daughter, whose idea it had been.  A little while later a friend was giving up her boutique, so Marie took it on, including the name, Didi’s Boutique.

A gentleman of the era in Didi's Boutique
A gentleman of the era in Didi’s Boutique

With suppliers such as Lindy Bop, Dolly and Dotty and Voodoo Vixen, there is a quirky, eclectic, style to the store.  Marie also buys things she sees and likes on eBay and other places, only choosing the original styles to fit her theme so keeping it fresh and unique.

With a VIP package available, Marie really caters for those of us who love vintage fashion.

The Blusherettes with two customers and far right, Marie
The Blusherettes with two customers and far right, Marie

Unfortunately the shop itself will be closing soon after Christmas but Marie will continue with popup shops and a presence at events like vintage car and rockabilly shows.  She is also considering adding vinyl to her stock which I, for one, think would be a most excellent idea 😉

You can still visit Marie, and Didi’s Boutique, until Christmas, at 18 Ashley Rd, Altrincham, WA14 2DW

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