Holiday Inn Express, Milton Keynes

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Well this is my last breakfast in this hotel after a three night stay.  On the whole I’ve been very impressed.  The whole place is spotless, from the rooms to the reception. My room was somehow repaired from me from my tossing and turning each night when I got back in the evening (not the beds fault which is wonderfully comfortable, but from the heat!  I could not turn it down past 19 which is far past my comfort zone).

We are ready for Christmas with surprisingly tasteful decorations dotted around. Enough to make you feel festive without being over powered.  Believe me that’s a good touch, especially when we’ve been inundated outside whilst shopping in Milton Keynes centre. 

The staff here are smiling and friendly. Another huge plus and, when I just asked them to book me my taxi for later, it was all received well and like it was no hassle at all.  Again, after staying in many places recently, (which brought about this idea of reviewing places in the first place), you have no idea how unexpected and pleasant this was.

Now the bad, apart from the incredibly hot room.  Yes this place does have some more bad but they are quite minor if expecting them. Which I wasn’t. 

Take bottled water upstairs for your coffee. Water is not provided except from the bathroom tap and, believe me peeps, the water there tastes foul. I had to get redressed to go down to buy bottled water from the bar.  Not a good look red eyed walking through a bar in hurriedly grabbed mismatched clothes, to buy bottled water and, thinking about it, that was the only negative staff issue.  The guy rushed through to the bar to serve me but when I said water, he looked at me like I was crazy and pursed his lips!!  Yes. He actually pursed his lips at me. Actually I found it amusing but someone else may have felt like they were asking for half his wages. As it was I felt sorry for him, he looked so crestfallen, and I had a Becks to cheer him up. Clutching my opened bottle (no opener upstairs) and my few bottles of water, I scurried upstairs again just to make him feel even better. 

The other issue is one I get at all the hotels I stay in. Showers. No instructions.  You always end up, in turn, burnt like a lobster or swimming in ice!  Come on hotels across the UK, get instructions for us poor sods so we have some idea what to do before getting in. Every single hotel seems to have completely opposite setups.  I’m sure it’s a conspiracy.  At least now you know what the shrieks from my room were about.  

Overall however, my experience in the hotel has been a plus and I do recommend this place for a stay if you are in, or around, Milton Keynes.

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