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If you are like me, you have had enough of politics and strife. It is everywhere and in all countries it seems. I have to admit to being guilty for sharing my fair share of political posts recently so I decided enough was enough and we needed some good peaceful art and input instead.

I scoured Twitter for something to do with no war, arguments etc. These are what I found. I am very pleased to say there is a LOT of people out there talking about peace that I missed, so many of us are after the same things at present it seems 🙂

You know, looking around I saw more optimistic and living posts….more articles to do with love than hate.  It seems we may be turning on those wishing to bring us down and that’s got to be good, huh?


RT @iisfarzana: peace. Blocking all the negativity out😗

Veterans For Peace: Home

Tickets on Sale Now for 1st Annual Power to Peace Festival. Friday, Aug 11, 2017. Doors at 6pm w/ revolutionary sounds from Chicago’s own DJ Dapper …

RT @reinlb21: I’m praying for world peace and stop cruelty to all animals. When will all these things end? #WorldPeace #StopCrueltyToAnimal…

There is peace, even in the storm – van Gogh

This is so cute! Flowers of peace

30 Best Bible Verses About Peace – Encouraging Scripture

Bible Verses About Peace – Read verses that offer guidance on subjects such as peace of mind, love and peace, peacefulness and joy. You can also read …

and to finish up, I had to add this awesome quote

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