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Afternoon In June

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Afternoon In June © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

When I’ve made up my mind that an image is finished, and I mean when I am really and truly convinced that it’s “done and done,” one of a couple of things will happen.

Afternoon In June © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

Usually I’m so excited with the thing that I’ll add it to my website(s) right away. This happens most of the time, and that will be that.

Another scenario is that I’ll add the image but go back the next day (and sometimes the day after) and tweak and change and adjust … repeatedly. Why do things Read More on their blog

All Good Things

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Happy New Year - 2015 © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital art

It’s mid afternoon here on the East Coast of the US … the last day of 2014. Many of you have already celebrated the end of the year and the beginning of 2015 … and many are getting ready to raise your glasses.

Whether you do so with family and friends … or whether you do so with your favorite dog or kitty by your side … or whether you’re alone in front of the tv … I’d like to wish you all, all good things in the coming year!!

Happy New Year – 2015 © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Read More on their blog

Oh What The Heck

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Winter Wonder Original © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

It always seems a little odd to me how a picture can stick in my mind, and in my computer’s library, for years. Just … sitting there … being quiet … not causing any trouble. And year after year I’ll stumble over it … and sort of rediscover it. Pass it by … thinking to myself … “I’ve got to get that one out and play with it a bit. It has possibilities.” But more time goes by … the seasons change and I think to myself, “well, maybe I’ll play with it later.”

It Read More on their blog


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Abandoned © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

An old log home discovered on a sunny autumn ramble through the countryside of beautiful Pennsylvania, USA, has seen a lot of years.

Though the buildings are empty now, windows broken, leaning almost imperceptibly toward each other, I have the feeling this house and barn both saw a lot of love in their time. The location of the lovely trees in the front yard, the nearness of the barn, all speak of thoughtful caring. I wanted to point out, positioned on the side of the barn is a small birdhouse … looks like a bluebird box to me. If those who Read More on their blog


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I finally got back to Conowingo Dam, in Conowingo, Maryland this past week. The location is a well known hang-out for American Bald Eagles during the months of November and December, and since I haven’t been able to get up there the past couple of years, I was pretty excited.

The weather was not very cooperative. Mostly overcast both days, flat light … and for some reason my trusty Nikon D300 camera and 150-500mm OS Sigma lens and I were at odds, so the several-hundreds of shots that I took resulted in only a few keepers.

But I’ve always wanted a Read More on their blog