Samhain and Halloween

Throughout history we have sought to understand the world around us and, in the past, when we were not as scientifically aware, we would worship the very weather around us  The sun, moon and stars had their stories and we praised the gods of the earth and sky for helping us with our harvests and
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Spiders with wings

sorry but I hate spiders.  That was what I said when I last saw my friend who offered to show me his tarantula.  I won’t go to his house.  He’s a hypnotherapist specialising in phobias.  He has phobia inducing things in his house.  It worries me……. so where did my fear come from?  I could
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Sunday Afternoon Drive by Isabella Shores

Mrs Blythe looked at the buckle and spat on it.  Her brow furrowed and her tongue stuck out as concentration rubbed at the brass, threatening to wear it away. Mr Blythe sighed and scooped the reins from the floor where they had slipped to yet again. ‘thats it lass’ he grimaced, holding his back as
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A Summer's Day

  Eternal Swans by Jason Christopher   A brief cold shiver shrugs of Winter chill sighs and cries.. . a moment  to say a caring message yet someone dropped those words words can feel heavy so very heavy someone spoke to say something falling endlessly they couldn’t speak nor say, forsaking words and losing
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The Accidental Art Safari

True to her word, our guide arrives and we begin a private tour of the life of Robert Henri. Immediately I am chagrined to discover nearly everything I thought I knew about Henri’s early life, is dead wrong. It seems, as many of us have, I have taken my idea of his life from the novel Son of a Gambling Man [Sandoz]. It is true, his father, John J. Cozad, was a gambler and founder of the town of Cozad, Nebraska, which is where the resemblance begins and ends.