Sunday Afternoon Drive by Isabella Shores

Mrs Blythe looked at the buckle and spat on it.  Her brow furrowed and her tongue stuck out as concentration rubbed at the brass, threatening to wear it away. Mr Blythe sighed and scooped the reins from the floor where they had slipped to yet again. ‘thats it lass’ he grimaced, holding his back as
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A Summer's Day

  Eternal Swans by Jason Christopher   A brief cold shiver shrugs of Winter chill sighs and cries.. . a moment  to say a caring message yet someone dropped those words words can feel heavy so very heavy someone spoke to say something falling endlessly they couldn’t speak nor say, forsaking words and losing
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The Accidental Art Safari

True to her word, our guide arrives and we begin a private tour of the life of Robert Henri. Immediately I am chagrined to discover nearly everything I thought I knew about Henri’s early life, is dead wrong. It seems, as many of us have, I have taken my idea of his life from the novel Son of a Gambling Man [Sandoz]. It is true, his father, John J. Cozad, was a gambler and founder of the town of Cozad, Nebraska, which is where the resemblance begins and ends.

Pond of Winter

Beneath a sheet of ice Winter was kinder… still. I shivered. Yet the birds froze and could not swim nor fish for fish like the koi – the carp I was… I looked up and thought of other fish in frozen ponds… “I feel safer in winter” as I shivered and shivered but knowing Summer
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From deep within the pond the koi looked up… and through the clouds someone smiled As a ripple caught the gaze both looked deep within… (c) Jason Christopher 2016  

Newtopian World

  Newtopia, a place for you and me tickets are free, within your hearts for pristine seas and purest air and peaceful days It might take a ressurection… of the human spirit! Yet all things are possible when we swim in coral reefs and the fish are angels in the marine aqua blue and turqiouse
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In your meanings
we found ourselves
Over seas, we walked
guided by your hand…
Yet we failed
lost in our greed
our blinkered sight
our hatred spawns, and others’ spawned
we were fools..

until the Father found us
crying and homeless
beside a planet

we had killed
in everyway

its pillaged soils
and tarnished seas
torn forests
burning fires and dirtied airs…

Oh mother Earth, do you rest in peace?

Oh guiding Spirit… . .

find us, please
the rightful way
from which mankind
has surely strayed!

These fools are us, the entire, human race
Please find for us
the guiding Holy Spirit’s universal faith!


© Jason Christopher 2015

What a Load of Crap

Many years ago, not sure how many but rather a lot anyway, houses had holes under them and a small lid over the hole.  These may well have been the first toilets and this was in a time called The Ancient World.  This was probably as most hunters know to bury their toilet waste and
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