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Top 5 Epic Movies That Deserve A Big Screen

New movies appear at the cinema for all too brief a time, before they disappear forever. It’s hard for even the most dedicated of cinema attendees to catch everything, and we have all missed the odd opportunity to see something at first release. Some types of film translate pretty well onto a smaller screen, so waiting a few months and watching the DVD doesn’t...

Karaoke as an Artform

At first glance the words “karaoke” and “artform” don’t seem to go hand-in-hand. Most people associate karaoke with weekend fun, office parties, or drunken adventures. But if your only experience is on a surface level, you could be missing out on a lot. There are people out there who take karaoke very seriously, and it’s much more than reading...

Soweto Gospel Choir to Perform African Grace in Adelaide

Soweto Gospel Choir to Perform African Grace in Adelaide

May 8, 2011

African Grace, the new show from acclaimed world music act the Soweto Gospel Choir (SGC), is heading to Adelaide for a brief run at the start of next month. The two-time Grammy Award-winning ensemble formed in 2002 and have performed to packed houses around the world. In this time, they have played alongside international superstars such as Jimmy Cliff, Bono,...

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