A quick look at my methods on my almost weekly blog for 9-29-09

I was in one of my manic lows most of this week so I didn’t get out to the woods for long. I did however get a couple of photos I like and am going to use one of them to give you a quick glimpse into my process.

First a little levity.

I was walking at the Lime Hollow Nature Center near my home when I noticed a sign I hadn’t seen before.

As I turned away from the sign I saw something out of the corner of my eye, a quick shot later and I had a photo of a fairy landing on a flower.

I am often asked how I do my photo paintings. The next three photos show a brief montage of the process.

Here is the raw photo, not real good.


Here I have cropped it and played with contrast, mid-tones, and brightness.


I then take this image and load it into the Corel Painter 11 software, and paint the image with digital brush, in this case an impressionist style. I create and paint multiple layers, using progressively smaller brushes, and at the end use some layering techniques to let some of the coarser layers show through.

I realize this description would benefit from more shots of the different stages, I’m thinking about creating a slide show or movie with a narrative track to show more detail.

Here are some more works I created this week.

Some early fall color.
Early fall scene





The Pumpkin fest is this weekend. If we have some good weather I’ll post some shots of it next week.

Here is a link to my Zenfolio site with all of my uploaded stuff so far. Click me

Almost weekly blog for 9/13 – 9/21

I want to try to make this a weekly thing. I’m not sure I have enough to say, or if anyone cares to see the works and photos I’ve done this week, but it’s a good exercise for me so here goes.

I went to Tinker Fall’s this week, not much water, coming over the falls at this time of the year , a little too early for fall color,
I was coming around a bend on the trail when I spotted this forest Gnome,
Forest Gnome

Oh!; wait it’s only and old stump..whew!

Here are some flowers, and forest scenes from the trail to the falls.
Yellow Flower

Purple Flower

This next photo is highly edited, I like to play around and I thought this looked great.
White Flowers

Red Flowers

Well we come to the Falls and look MA almost no water!

waterfall barely a trickle.
One last photo of the Forest glen.
Wooded glen

And now for some new Digital Paintings

The trees in this one are actually fractals

A digital Painting of a forest

This next one is an altered/painted photo.

Playing with software.

This last one is the most viewed and commented on for this week.

A digital Painting of a space craft reentering the atmosphere

Hey I almost forgot. I have joined Zenfolio here is a link to a slide show
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Fast Art … does art have to take a lot of time?

I spent last Saturday(9-12-09), trying to create as many digital paintings and uploading them to the web. I managed four. In four hours.

Is it Art? I spent no time on design, or thought. I just pushed colored pixels around on a computer screen until I was thinking this is whats it going to be.
I used no art training , OK I’m self “art”educated, but everything I did was unconscious auto-pilot type stuff.

Again is it art? I created it and I hesitate to let the ego call it art. What doe any one think?

Here is a link to the “Art”