My almost weekly blog for 10-25-09

Thought and works for the week.

I destroyed a 26 inch computer monitor with built in TV tuner on Thursday. It was a stupid accident, a word of caution; never apply a squeeze grip to one.
One consequence to that loss ; I have had to work on a 19 inch monitor, and what a difference size makes in this case. When displaying my works bigger is better!

I was playing with fractals the other day, thinking about some of the comments and attitudes of people who had anything to say about them. An augment I often hear about fractals is that they are not art, they are math formulas. In the purest form and sense, that may be true. Artist doesn’t usually use them that way. I don’t at least, except in the case where I truly feel they stand alone. Most of the time, in my fractal works, fractal pieces are incorporated into a work rather than being the work. I think of these fractals programs as another type of digital brush.

I was finishing a work that caused this to come into my thoughts.

Awakening from the depths of slumber,
Wondering what wonders the new day will bring.
Full of trepidation for the chinks in my armor
hopeful of breaking out of the walls of routine that imprison me.

here is the work that inspired this
Photography Prints

I have posted new works to Autumn in THE FINGER LAKES
And these and more on FAA

Photography PrintsSell Art Online
Art Prints
See ya all next week.

My Almost Weekly Blog for 10-18-09

Having an almost weekly blog can be daunting. I really have little time or talent for writing, about art, or my creative process and thoughts.

This week was cold and we had 2 inches of snow on Thursday night. It’s not all that unusual this time of year, but it was not welcome by me. I don’t like cold and snow. I stay here because I have a great job and my mother depends on me and won’t move. It is a beautiful place nature wise, so I get to take lots of photos that nobody ever looks at.

That last bit has me wondering why I bother with all my online sites. It takes a lot of time and effort to have an online presence on at least 5 different sites. I get few visitors and it seems even my artist friends can’t take the time to visit the links I post here or else ware. The visit count tells the story. Last week, for example, I had two links on this blog. I got 33 visits to the blog. Five people used the link to see the “Fall in the Finger Lakes “photos, and only 1 person visited the flame fractal gallery. I don’t mean to make this a rant, or guilt trip anyone one. I understand we are all busy, and maybe you’ve seen enough autumn scenes, and think you have seen enough fractals, though I have to say you have not seen anyone use them the way I do. Well I haven’t seen anyone anyway.

As I look at the last two paragraphs, which I wrote yesterday, I wonder how much of this is my disease, I’m bi-polar, can or should I expect anyone, friend or not, to be interested enough to click through, or hit the share or like button on Face Book? I guess that’s just another frustrating part of being an “Artist” on the internet.

I am only going to post two of the works I did this week. The rest can be seen in the fractal gallery. Flame Fractal Gallery

In this first one, the trees are fractals, I used painter 11 to cut and past and tweak some fractals from another image.

Photography Prints

This next one is simply a photo of some frost on a window.

Frost on Window

There is a Face Book application called Art On Parade where you can upload your images, and people rate the 1-10. It’s a popularity contest, and flawed in that its possible for an artist to give your works low grades in order to raise theirs in the ranking. Of course that’s against the posted rules. As a lark I posted some of my images. To my surprise I have images in the 8th, 9th, 11th, and 21st spots. If you want you can check it out here.

Art On Parade

That’s all for this week. Any comments on my blog, my style, or questions are welcome!

Its fall in the Finger Lakes on my almost weekly blog for 10-11-09

Tinker Falls

Hello again. This week has been busy and fulfilling. I have posted a number of new works this week and have been taking photos of the fall color here in the beautiful Finger Lakes.

I have also been following the post’s inkandbrush and ID have done about the use of the program Apophasis.
It is amazing how different our results are and our approaches to the use of this software.

Here is an example of what I produce with the software.


I used Bryce 6.1 to post process this fractal

To see more of how I incorporate flame fractals in to my work see my gallery Click here to see them a slide show view is available there also.
All images in this gallery are or incorporate flame fractals using Apophysis-2.09

The lead in photo is today’s blog is of Tinker Falls about ten miles from my home. It and other fall foliage photos can be seen Clik here to see them

I have also created some “Digitally Enhanced Photos from some of these photos here is an example.
Photography Prints
Others are available on the FAA site.

I hope someone is enjoying these as much as I enjoy doing them.

Almost weekly blog for 10-4-09

This week was cold and wet; I was busy at work and at play, so I haven’t had time for a lot of photo editing and or digital art.
I have some pictures of the pumpkin fest I threw together quickly into a slide show that you can see here

Click me for slide show

An image from my fractured thought process.


A bit of Art news its not to late

sixth annual
the UN-Juried Exhibit

Every Entry Shown!

Exhibit Dates:
November 12-December 5, 2009

Deadline for entries:
October 19, 2009

Opening Reception: Thursday November 12, 7-9pm
(in conjunction with Downtown Artwalk)

reception for prior snap to grid

LACDA announces an open call for our un-juried show featuring digital art and photography: “Snap to Grid.” All entries will be printed (8.5″x11″ on heavyweight paper) and shown in our gallery arranged in a grid. Entrants submit JPEG files of original work. Multiple entries are permitted. Seperate registration required for each image. Exhibit is limited to space available, early entry is advised.

All styles of artwork and photography where digital processes of any kind were integral to the creation of the images are acceptable. Digital video stills and screen shots of web/new media are acceptable. Documentation shots of digital installation and digital sculpture are acceptable.

This call is international, open to all geographical locations.

Show Dates:
November 12-December 5, 2009

Deadline for entries:
October 19, 2009

Opening Reception:
Thursday November 12, 7-9pm

Entry Fee:
Registration fee is $30US.

Submission Rules:
Registration and submission are done online only. JPEG file uploads are the only accepted submissions under 2MB each (up to 1.9mb). Please do not send materials to LACDA. All materials sent to LACDA will not be viewed and cannot be returned.

Multiple Entries:
Multiple entries are permitted. $30 registration fee for each additional image. Seperate registration required for each image.

Quantum fusion and decay make up the wave we all ride, that is the moment, the now. Nothing else exists.