Apophysis Unleashed, Reflections, Need for Speed on My Almost Weekly Blog for 11-29-09


As the year winds down and the time for reflection and future resolutions is upon us, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you inner and outer peace.

This past month has been filled with anticipation and joy of connecting with old friends, some I haven’t seen or heard from in 20 years or more. I am in the process of getting a new computer and home network set up.  I am excited because the new system should be many times faster and more reliable.


This weekend has been filled with setting up my new computer. It’s a 3 gig Hz quad core with 8 gigs of memory. It is running 64 bit windows 7. I was a little worried that as most of my art programs are 32 bit there would be problems, there have been none.  Microsoft appears to have got it right this time!

Apophysis Unleashed

One of the first things I tried on the new system, Apophysis 2.09 runs like a champ. As it is 32 bit program I expected  it would be limited to  4 gig of ram and  perhaps  2 of the cores. I was right about the ram but it does use all the cores. Here are some screen shots I took while playing around.

1 apopThe Image above is the CPU usage for one flame being rendered to disk  ata quality of 4000. See third image for settings.

This image is for six instances of Apophysis open at the same time with two flames being rendered at the same time. Using almost all of the 8 gigs of ram.

a pop 6 2 rend

As can be seen the computer can handle many instances of Apophysis being open at once, as they are not doing anything they take little resources.  As expected the big resource hog is rendering to a file.

As can be seen the rendering of a large flame at a quality of 4000 takes a long time, around 10 hours.

That may seem slow but on my old system it would take far longer. I Have a rough estimate that this system is at least 4 times faster at rendering to disk simply because of the CPU speed. The Apophysis renderer is not very efficient. I’m sure it will get better, and I hear from one of our fellow members that an external renderer that uses the GPU will be coming!

I am not an Apophysis expert so I may not have done very good comparisons, but I am impressed with the speed while creating flames and the faster rendering is great.

Bryce 6

I also played with Bryce 6 and the rendering times faster as expected and in the same % range of speed up as Apophysis. The following rendered at max size and superfine resolution in less than two hours.

Photography Prints

All in all I am so far very pleased with my new system. Everything is so much faster, I’ll be able to spew out more of whatever anyone chooses to call what I do.

I was scolded this week for posting to much to Face Book, well scolded is to harsh, it was suggested that I don’t post so much because people just start to ignore it or block me. As few click through anyway I have decided to Post once or twice a week , links to this blog and not much else. I am adding a new page to this blog that will contain links to new works. It will change often, so if you want to see what I’ve been up to look there.


Babbling on my Almost Weekly Blog for 11-22-09

I typed the words Art News into the Google search box today. I received over 2 billion hits. I was a little surprised by this, until logic caught up with reaction, I was looking at all the blogs, web pages etc since forever as far as the web was concerned. Nothing seems to ever be removed from the web.

The results of the search got me wondering. It seems to me the average Joe, cares not a bit about art; unless it’s a pretty picture of someplace they have fond memories of, or an admired person or celeb they have a thing for. Art is only visible on the average persons radar, when its sells for a lot of money, or the artist gets arrested or banned, or does the right thing and dies making his art worth a lot more and therefore a good investment. So why do so many of us try to be “Artist”?

I spend a good deal of the time when I am not at my “Day” job, pushing pixels around on a computer screen, or uploading to an art site, so 40 or 50 people can look at the images and .5 % them occasionally say, “wow!” or “very nice” or “amazing!”, and simple fool that I am, I find these remarks to be almost enough to justify the time and effort I put into making my masturbatory acts of creation available to the “Public”.

I am fond of telling myself that I do this “art” because I have to. That art is as necessary as eating or breathing to me. If I was simply doing this for attention, I’d do something outrageous as so many in the art world (at least the rich and famous ones) do.

So why am I really doing this. Is it an attempt at immortality? I’m fond of a quote Woody Allen “I don‘t want to be immortal through my works. I want to be immortal by not dying. “, so I’m not sure it’s that. Do I think I’m the best thing since Leonardo da Vinci? of course I do, I am an “artist”, but I know that’s not reality.

I could go on and on with self questioning about what makes me devote so much of my time to what most people consider a waste of time. I would not have any answers really other than it’s just who I am. I’m a human being, needing love and recognition, who feels unlovable and unrecognizable most of the time.

Well sorry to babble and waste more of your time. I spewed out some stuff this week. Here is one of them.

Neuronal sparks of chemical fire ignite gap jumping forces triggering chain reacting molecular

spasms generating computational matrices producing synaptic cogitations of?

Photography Prints
The rest can be seen at My FAA or ZENFOLIO sites or even IMAGEKIND. See the art links page of this blog for the links

Rewards on My Almost Weekly Blog for 11-15-09

Its been an exciting week .

The Book the Angel has been editing with art from some of the members of this site; has been released.
I am was honored to have one of my works selected as the cover.

I was sent email notification of the following:

Member of the Month Reward for August.

MemMonth Award

and there was an amusing incident where I was sent an email saying one of my works was being removed from a group on Red Bubble because it did not fit that groups criteria. No biggie right? Three days later I got an email saying it and and another one of my works that had been submitted to that group had been included in the top ten awards for that group.


I must say it always nice to have some one complement your work! Here are some new ones from this weeks crop.

Photography Prints

Art Prints

Sell Art Online

Art Prints

Rambling on My Almost Weekly Blog

Wow is it Sunday already?
This week I
Didn’t win the lottery.
Did go to work.
Sent a recipe to the Vegetarian Blog.
Uploaded 10 new images to FAA and Zenfoilo.
Here’s a few.
Sell Art Online
Art Prints
Art Prints
Art Prints

Art Prints

I don’t know if anyone has noticed the Artist Friends Page of this blog. It’s where I post samples and links to fellow artist sites. Let me know if you want to be on it.

It’s an incredibly beautiful day for November so I am going out to play. See you next week.
Be sure to check the RSS feeds/links on the left for my latest works.

A Disscusion of My Style on My Almost Weekly Blog fo 11-1-09

A friend of mine asked “Why don’t you pick a style and stick with it?” I replied “That’s my style”.

Any way the conversation we had got me thinking about “style” again and after reviewing my latest works , if I must put a label on what school or art movement my woks belong to, I would have to say it is surrealism, with its emphasis on spontaneous, automatic or subconscious creation and abstract expressionism .

Most of my digital art is unplanned, discovered as I go if you will, and is sometimes the result of “happy accidents” or serendipity. Does this mean it’s not art?

Let’s look at some of my latest pieces and I’ll try to explain how they happened.

Conflict seen here is the result of frustration and anger because I could not execute a concept I had for a piece. It is done with digital brushes and filters and was just me attacking the blank canvas with random strokes and colors until I saw something, at which point I purposefully began to add colors and light. This is pretty much the definition of abstract expressionism ad surrealism.

Art Prints

The untitled piece below is an example of automatic, serendipitous moments. It started out as a pure flame fractal and through playing with different settings in one of my paint programs, I came up with this. So it’s surreal because it’s unplanned, and spontaneous according to the definition of surrealism.

Art Prints

This last piece is different in that it’s not purely abstract and is impressionistic in its use of light. In this case I started out to use “Painterly” techniques, but had no intentions to paint a landscape. I intended to use just a blender brush. I started with the dark olive green color and just put patches of light and dark areas on the canvas until the piece began to reveal it’s self. I had to give in and use other brushes once I saw what was happening. So once again the unplanned and spontaneous aspects of surrealism and a little impressionistic light play appear in my work.

Sell Art Online

I don’t know if I managed to convince myself that I have a style, perhaps some of you might like to chime in with your thoughts.
Be sure to visit my FAA and Zenfoilo sites to see the 10 works I uploaded this week.