New Year Wishes on My Almost weekly blog for 12-30-09

Happy New Year

Wow! Where has the year gone? Its been a good year artistically for me, I feel I have grown quite a bit.
I want to wish you all a safe, prosperous,and healthy new year. May it be the year we wake up as a race and learn to live in peace and truly understand we are one people on the one world we have.

New Apophysis fractals on the new works tab!

To name or not to name, that is the question on my Almost Weekly Blog for 12-06-09

Anyone who is familiar with my work on various web sites (see the links on the links tab) above, knows that I do a lot of abstract stuff. They also know that I generally do not give titles to most of my works because I don’t want the viewer to have any preconceived notions about what they should see in the piece.

Yesterday on  Fine Art America I posted the following image
Photography Prints
and asked for help giving this a name or if it needed one. I wanted and hoped that I would get a sampling of what people saw in the piece. I am happy to note that I received many responses from people who saw different things in the image. I wish now I had asked for any emotional response they may have had also.  While I am sure towards the end some people may have been influenced by the earlier response, I think most people saw the image with the thought of what would be a good title and then read the previous post.
Click Here to see the discussion

After reading all the responses, I have decided that my philosophy for not naming this type of piece is valid. I will leave it untitled so future viewers can see what they will in it.

I sometimes I feel a title is necessary because, while I am fortunate to have a large 26 inch monitor to produce my works on, viewers of my works who, for internet security reasons, must see my works as smaller low resolution reproductions, often miss the full impact of the image. For that reason I try to give a name that resonates with me and relays something of what I see in a piece. As an example
Photography Prints

This piece in full resolution just screamed The Christian devil on his throne in hell to me. So Lord of the Flies it had to be. Of course as we all know, state of mind and body have a large impact when viewing something so ……

Links to new works created this week are or will be soon on the new works tab above.

Till next week… I leave you with this Won’t you join Paul McCartney and have a meat free Monday?