In the moment on my almost weekly Blog for 01-31-09

2010 has not been kind to me so far. I find myself questioning the amount of time I spend on my art and especially its online presence, my mother is getting older and sicker and requires more of my time, and I have also been informed that the state may not be funding the Group I work for , so I may be finding myself unemployed and engaged in the very much despised job search routine at the end of March.

Maybe it is just the mid winter blahs, and tomorrow is another beginning, and only the now is real anyway. Who knows being unemployed may be the chance to learn to market myself or at least develop the confidence to believe my stuff is marketable .

I find I can’t decide on a direction to take my art. Since I discovered Apophysis I have been using its output in some form in 99 % of my works. I guess I was a little obsessed with it and discovering new things to do with it. I will continue to play with it and use it in my works but I think I will give it a break and try some of my other methods again . I am starting on some space scenes and doing a little online organizing also this week. I have the latest version of Bryce (the beta 7) so I will be playing with that also.

See the new works tab at top of page for my newest efforts.

Art Around the World project on My Almost Weekly Blog for 01-17-10

Click the image to go to the site and get all the info..

The host of the blog site, Beth Edwards aka 1st Angel, started this project last year as a way to raise money for an Green cause. After alot of good Ideas and suggestions it was decided that Greenpeace would be the beneficiary.
The word has been spreading slowly for artists to sign up and create a small painting that will be sewn together to make a BIG statement. The finished work will be auctioned off on Earth Day 2010.

This event is not limited to artists only. Poets are also encouraged to be a part of this event. A poet’s written works once submitted; will be placed in a book being made especially for this event.
The artwork collected as a whole will be called “Art Around the World”. The date of completion will be April 22, 2010, also known as Earth Day and it will be auctioned online with all proceeds, minus the commission for the auctioneer, going to the charity.

A DVD of music will be included in the auction, and musicians are invited to donate a track for that DVD.

This is a worthy cause and I hope all my creative friends will help out.

Here are my small efforts to help out.

Sell Art Online

Photography Prints

That’s all for this week. My new works for the week are bing posted under the new works tab at top of page.

Peace One World One People

Almost weekly Blog for 1/10/2010

Brrrr. Its been cold and snowy since the start of the year. I wish I were here.

Photography Prints

Not much new in my life. Routine it is. I think I’m in a rut when it comes to creating images. I can’t leave Apophysis alone. I also think I need to stop grinding out so much stuff I’ve posted over 250 images in the last year. I’ve posted the stuff I’ve done since the last blog on the new works page. and my web site has an upgraded look. Still working on it
Click here to see it.

Hope the new year is going well. Remember … Comment random acts of kindness ! Peace One World One People ..Buddha Dave.