Abstract Art – My Take

When dealing with pure abstraction people often ask what is it? What is it supposed to be? They make comments like I don’t get it, or I don’t understand it.

This is because total abstraction bears no trace of any reference to anything recognizable and people have been conditioned to look for the “picture” in a work of art, they want something they can recognize in the image. They have never been taught to look at an abstract work and experience its movement and patterns, to let go of preconceived notions and just try to let the work speak to them, to discover what they can see and feel.

I don’t usually give my abstracts any kind of descriptive title, because I don’t want the viewer to look for something in the piece, when I do give a piece a descriptive title it’s usually because I am trying to elicit a particular feeling , or share what I feel.

As an example I named this Rhapsody because I hear and feel music when I look at it and wanted to share it.
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It has often been said that “art is in the mind of the beholder”. This is especially true with abstract art. The viewer must take charge and see and feel what they will.
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A love Story

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In 1966 I fell in love with my soul mate. Until last August I had not seen or heard of her since 1969, though I did look for her when I got back from Nam.
I have spent the last 40 years wondering and keeping her in my heart. In and out of relationships , mostly out, I became an 62 year old man convinced I would die alone, and not much caring when I did.

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In August 2010 , I got a friend request on face book from her. We started texting and then talking on the phone, and in late September I went to see her in Texas. I live in the finger lakes region of New York ,so it was a 3 day drive. I had intended to stay for two weeks and ended up staying for a month, asking her to marry me and deciding to move to Texas at the end of the year

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So as you can imagine it was and is an amazing ,mind bending, life changing time. I have been busy and have had little time for art.
So I’m sorting and packing and texting her all the time and tucking her in on the phone every night, and looking forward to setting up a new studio and computer space. I will have the room to set up a light table and an easel and will give the old slapping of pigment onto a canvas a try again.

Anyone know of any good light table plans or kits let me know. I am also going to be building the work benches and installing a new floor so any ideas along those lines would be greatly appreciated.

Till next time peace and good will to all.

One world one people: Imagine it.

Buddha Dave

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