Hunger !

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Hunger linkers beneath every thought, addiction !
Dependence requires fulfillment.
One more commercial, create the motivation,
one more jingle!

I’m off to satisfy, to satiate, “there up ahead!

Stuffed and bloated
I stumble from my car straining with every effort,
puffing for air by the time I reach the door!
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Remorse, falling through the vortex!
I poisoned myself, and the planet and will again!
Hunger! addicted !

Take a Walk Down a Country Road with Me

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Take a walk with me down this old country road.

Well what do you know we found some Shrooms. Photography Prints

Let us see… “You just ate some kind of mushroom and your mind begins to grow.” Art Prints

The colors they seem so bright. Sell Art Online

And the eyes are playing tricks. Photography Prints

The bark on this tree seems a little funny looking Art Prints

Ahhh that’s better… or is it? Photography Prints

Wait! there go the eyes again Art Prints

Hummmmm things seem better. It’s a little early fall color. Sell Art Online

We’ve reached the pond , our destination. Art Prints

What do we find a little. Sell Art Online Art Prints

And this guy who tells me its time to go. Art Prints