These words I write like drought shriveled leaves, crumble with time.

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A  Phantom winds sweep

drought  ravaged lands

the relentless furnace of the sun


Shade is no refuge

no breeze flows

no evaporation cools.

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Dawn is the only sane time

it’s false coolness seems real enough

walking, is possible

not pleasant

possible, for the dog

wilting dragged along

I surrender.




These words I write

like drought shriveled

leaves, crumble with time.


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Dreaming of cold icy winds as I melt in the 21st consecutive 100 degree day.

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icy winds sweep across my brow
frost on beard .
Sliding down a snowy slopes
moguls and powder , refresh .
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Serene images of snow dressed pines
deciduous trees outlined in white .
Air fresh with a bite.
infinite vistas
from top of the world.

Snow bunnies and stud muffins
prowl in the chalet.
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A Fantasy Turns to Dust.

A fantasy turns to Dust.

tearing myself from rutted routine
leaping 1800 miles
to try out a fantasy.
landing in a mine field
False starts ,insecurity ,
reality rears its ugly head.
Stuck between love and freedom
forced concessions and bad compromise
unable to give up .
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I feel unimportant,
old and in the way.
a third class citizen
homeless in my own home
all of my needs unfulfilled
is this love?
stuck in the back of the bus on this ride.
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I must give up myself to survive.
What is … is.
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Twilight Approaches

Twilight Approaches

Waves of memory wash over me .
Abstracts from my life.
tears ,
lost ideals of youth haunt me.

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Nostalgic visions flying past
warming heart and mind.
Barely remembered landscapes,
warped by time and faulty recollections.

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Embarrassment for never growing up
gives way to stubborn pride
for not selling out completely.

Wanting to be petulant.
I’ve paid my dues.
Let me be.
Let me do the bucket list.

I only have the moment
can’t count on more, so let me
so let me rejoice in what was, what is and what will be
Out damned spot! Out I say!

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