The Meaning of my Art (an exercise in BS ing)

The Meaning in my Art
The art of BS ing
Most of my work is abstract, and I am fond of saying, “Don’t ask what it is or means, but how does it make you feel? ” What do you see”. Apparently this is not enough for some people . . So even though I have no PHD in symbolism or art history and don’t claim to be an expert , I figure, since it’s my art, and I can Pile it High and Deep with the best of them. I present the following treatise on the meaning of some of my stuff.

Experiment in Dementia
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This piece represents the mental storm churning inside . The peaceful greens and blues are the calm tranquil thoughts of everyday happiness. The reds, oranges and purples are the dangerous thoughts, the rage the sadness, the black the edges of sanity.

The Road Not Taken
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This piece is the act of looking back on the choices in our lives , the what if I’d moments, where we wonder what could have been. The greens of the greener grass on the other side of the fence. The reds of the excitement of the adventure of new places and experiences . The blues and the “bubbles” are the fugue state the act of daydream perspectives.


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This piece represents the conflict I feel between my atheist, logical side and the spiritual feelings , that arise when contemplating the universe and it’s incredible strangeness and beauty. The stone altar, the rainbow aura surrounding it . The yellow orange spirit of wonder and doubt that the tries to destroy my strong blue foundations of logic and reason.

The Source

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This is my vision of the well spring of my art and my life, The different colored energies I as an artist tap into when I work. The fuzzy visions when I start a piece, the wispy drifting off of inspiration and and the gray beige background of our lives.

Ok enough ? Let me know if You want me to continue this exercise.