This week in my artist life

My week in art 06-17-12 was, as is not unusual for me , very up and down. The usual artist complaints of nothing f ing works, to masterpiece! to bah what does the public know about art.
As a retired person living in Florida on a tight budget I can’t get away from my artwork space often. I go swimming nearly every day, weather permitting . which this week was not much with all the rain. I try to get to the beach for walks in the evening, and explore this area, as I am new to it, but the call of the muse is compelling . i must give in to it. It sweeps me into another place where the computer screen and the art that must be produced , take control.
So here is most of my work for this week

Spirits Over the Bay
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This is one of those abstracts where I saw a image flash if front of me as I was working on this. It was not where I was intending to go, but if you lean your head to the right, and imagine the land colored greens and browns are the shoreline of a bay seen from far above, then the spirits or daemons or angles , what have you appear in the sky and perhaps a battle?

Photography Prints
A comment left on this one was ” What a vivid color abstract!” The image invokes the feel of a sorcerer and sorcery in me, probably not my most effective piece this week.

Sell Art Online
I expected this to garner more attention than it has. maybe it’s not as good as I thought it was. I felt a lot of emotions when I was doing this and was quite pleased with my selrf. The title SDamurai just screamed out of the image to me. I did get a comment on FAA “Stunning. Totally love this!” not sure if they “got” it but at least someone noticed.

Street Scene
Photography Prints
I don’t know what to say. This got no comments from anyone on any site. No good. ? Not seen? I like it. As to why I called it street scene, it’s loud, noisy, busy and chaotic .

Fantasy 062112
Photography Prints
This one is another I thought would be popular, It’s almost an exploding landscape . I got an it’s cool and a wow so someone liked it.

In the light
Photography Prints
This piece really surprised me. I liked it , but I didn’t think it was all that special. It’s this weeks winner though with or 50 like and 20 + shares on google+. 112 comments like “this is really magical, I love the flow, the softness and the colours”, to cool, wow, deep , awesome. Strange it got no notice from anyone on FAA.

Sell Art Online
This is the start of a series I am experimenting with. I’m always tiring new things and just playing around having fun. This was fun to watch evolve from something totally different. It got a comment “Wow! this is very nice”

Art Prints
This is another in the new experimental series. it’s too new to have been seen much. I hope I get some feedback.

Garden Wall
Photography Prints
Last one of the week. A little down to earth for a change. Has got nice reception on FaceBook so far people seem to like it.

So this is my week in art. Looking back , I’m both pleased and frustrated.. It’s hard to see so little feedback. I cannot grow as an artist if people are to busy to comment on my work . So help me grow tell me what you like and don’t like.
No sales this week sigh, always next week I guess. I will try and do this more often if it gets attention and people want it.