Why I don’t like Blogging

I hate blogging . Why? It’s like a wife or mother nagging me all the time to do something. I keep hearing this tiny voice “Write something in your blog. Do it now”. I’ve been very bad and not used my blog for over a year.
So what to write? A week in an artist life? A day? Post and brag about my newest doodles? My extremely knowledgeable opinions? My solutions to the world’s problems? A comedy routine ? Bad poetry?

So here I am again. Brain freeze. Nothing to say, who would want to hear it anyway?
Please visit my art site. Look at my art. Critique it if you know how. Buy it if you don’t. All of it can be seen here
A quick note. I play at art. I experiment and I post it. Love it! Hate it! It’s an expression of some piece of me. Here is my newest.
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