Experiments in Digital Art Part 1

Variations on a theme

I have been creating digital art since the first version of MS Paint was released on windows. I like to challenge myself experimenting with different techniques and programs. I use digital tools that mimic brushes and I create using the traditional methods of blending , shaped brushes etc. I use nontraditional methods, engaging the latest tools that technology can provide. From fractal generators to effects filters, vector graphics to simple pixel manipulation.

My latest project “Variations on a theme” started out with this simple fractal generated image using Apophysis 7 .

Starting point

This image is used in this experiment to establish the color palette and through various layering techniques establish overall design and layout.
Here in part one I am not going to go into great detail showing the various steps and tools used to create the next three images, but instead, I am just showing what is possible if you have a sense of design and knowledge of the digital tools at the artist’s disposal . For those of you who still believe that digital art means the computer did it I assure you that is only true of the above image, which was generated by the computer, after careful consideration and attention to selection and entering of parameters by a human (me).
This next example shows the use of both be digital filters and traditional painting methods to produce an abstract floral landscape using the colors of the original image and some of its layout . Selection of brush size and shape and application followed traditional painter techniques while applying the digital paint to the digital canvas. This image required the most time and thought of the three show here, as I wanted to give a more finished “painterly” look. The question of it being art or if I had any skill in producing, as was my intent , an image of a riotous abstract flower garden, is left for another discussion. You may of course, and are encouraged to, leave a comment below.
Art Prints
The next piece in this experiment uses a number of “Auto-painting” tools to produce a series of shapes and design artifacts based on the underlying images color palette and structure to produce an abstract image. This is not a autonomous computer generation however as selection of the “auto brush” and the placement of the output of the “auto brush” are selected by a human artist, using human sense of composition and color to produce a final result.
Photography Prints

This third example in my experiment is simple a different selection of tools and thoughts on the abstract compositions given the self-imposed constraints for this exercise .

Art Prints

I hope I have given some of you some food for thought, and perhaps enlightened a few of you on aspects of using the computer as another brush in the artist toolbox. I hope to continue this journey in part 2 by giving more step by step examples and perhaps revealing some of the thought processes I go through when I create.