Choices to many choices

Surrounded by tech toys.
I sit frozen
unable to decide.
Create art
play a game
read book.
Still photo shoot
video shoot.
Video edit.
Picture edit.
TV or movie.
Too many choices
as bad as none?

I spent 4 hours today creating kaleidoscope images to use on round beach towels. I’d have to sell 12 at 70.00 each to make 15.00 an hour. It’s possible. Only a few 100,000 artist, ect producing, mass producing, selling in bulk.

I wonder why I persist in making the effort the remember I hope to be able to eat next month and every dollar helps.
I kills me to urge people to consume an unnecessary use of recources.

I guess I don’t really belong in the society. I’ve always felt like I didn’t understand what everyone else knew.

Ya know the feeling you get when you finish a book you were really into and it feels like you have to say goodbye to friends.
Reading a post on FB today about the robot an AI revoloution about to explode on society. Think about it.
No drivers of any kind ill be needed.
There will be no need to own a car. All you will need to do is call for one using the app on your phone.
Most fast food workers not needed.
Farm laborers and assembly and packing workers.
50 % or more of current jobs or more. Yes new jobs that robots can’t yet do will be created. Most jobs that require creativity and original thought or action are safe for now.
It’s mind boggling what the next ten years. Some say that if old people like me make it ten more years then medicine will give them 50 more.

Here is an image of one of the kaleidoscopes round beach towels. If you click on the picture you will go to my website where you can buy or browse. Here is a tip. When you get to the site you will see < > keys allowing you to scroll through and see all my images on a round towel.

round 22222

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