In the moment

Trying to write a daily blog can be excruciating sometimes. If I was one of those people who wanted to say what I feel about the dangerous situations the world faces. If I wanted to talk about politics or religion. What can I add.

The end of the world is neigh.
Winter is coming.
These are the end days.

Wake me up when it over ok?

I always wanted to live in a haunted house. I don’t believe in ghost but it would be interesting to see what mental tricks my mind would play on me.

I just realized that I’ve been practicing mindfulness and meditation to be in the moment that is and maybe That’s why I write this way. Random thought of the moment.
Not all of them get put down.

I’ve been getting trapped in obsessive mode when I create.
Hasn’t improved my work that I can see.

I am so behind in uploading art to FAA/Pixels . I have developed an aversion to filling in boxes. Pixels/FAA are the easiest of any place so ……

Laying in a bunch of popcorn for the political conventions. I’d go to Philly but I don’t want to be there win the gunfire starts and that’s the democratic one. The republican one should be a horror show.

Ok enough babble for today. Here is a piece I did today.

FlorealImpression 061616 small

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