Another Saturday Night and ….

It is so sad that greedy psychopaths have taken over the world.
I , like all of us who pay any attention anymore, am fearful for the future of humanity. What can I really do except try to live with as little impact as I can and encourage green energy production, peace, and love.

Turn on your light and darkness disappears.
Your negativity destroys you and harms others.
They say that people who live longest have more birthdays.
If the theory of multi-universes is true and that a new one is created with every collapse of a quantum field, then it follows (possibly) that everything that can happen in that moment does at the same instant.

I love mankind; it’s people I can’t stand. Charles M. Schulz

every little while the distant thunder rolls through just enough in the back of your consciousness that it doesn’t interrupt your thoughts but you’re aware of it. It’s probably a survival thing , ensuring a storm doesn’t arrive as a surprise .

I live around a lot of older people in a 55 + manufactured home park in Florida. I’m kinda of an introvert these days so I don’t know a lot of the people who live here very well. I sometimes go to social functions and a see the regulars when I’m at the pool. I gather from the number of rebel flags and trump signs scattered about that a fair number are closet facist who only spew their venom to friends as I have heard little of it. One or two I knew about but I was surprised and saddened by the trump signs.

Anyway the haters will lose in the end.

Here is a piece I did todayabstract 061816


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