It’s all meaningless anyway.

As an artist I often get disgusted and frustrated by my work. To have a vision of something, and not being able to express that vision so others can see it, is very discouraging.
I post online hoping for reactions and get likes, sometimes a share (a great compliment), and occasionlly some useful critiques. Once and a while someone even buys a print or something with my art on it.

I’m in conflict with my spiritual philosophy. I practice losing ego and self, yet to produce art, hoping for sales so I can maintain, requires ego and sense of self. As I write this, I see that perhaps there is no real conflict. This feels to me to be what the universe expects from me.

this is my last post until I post again.

some art I did .

abstract 061916

ka5-061516_004 ka5-061516_005 ka5-061516_006 ka5-061516_006_bak

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