I dream of Dreaming.

I can blather all day
it never ends.
I feel, I fear
let’s not pretend.
I want you to want me.
I need love and a friend.
No games. No drama.
I’m the fool in the end.

Everyday I am amazed to be alive. The older I get the more amazed I am. Maybe its dementia . I am stunned to still be dreaming of finding someone after living alone most of the last 35 years. It is only human to want to be loved. It seems illogical to the Spock in me.

I want to say all the things I am feeling to her. Nope, I don’t. She might feel the same way and I have nothing to offer her. I am a coward when it come to affairs of the heart.
Why do I write these blog? It’s not because I expect you to care or that I have some compelling need to pass what I know on to you.
I’m a polymath . I know a lot about many things. A jack of all trades and master of none. So no expert advice, a unique point of view maybe.

I dream of dreaming and utopias where all love and work together and share the earth treasures equally. No greed, hate of violence.
I dream of silent empty streets paved with the pain of hungry children and the shame of parents unable to provide.
I dream of living a life where no matter how much I achieve it is seen as a paper victory, because of who my people are ,and where they come from.
I dream of a future filled with bright promise, rapidly dimmed by greed and egos.
I wake to the walls of the prison I have built of my ignorance.

I did some art today. Look for it if you interested it’s on my web site at david-lane.pixels.com

2 thoughts on “I dream of Dreaming.”

  1. The fact that your blog is read and your art work is viewed shows that people care………..there is a place in life where logic belongs…………………and yet an area where it has no place…………..there is no logic to feelings…….because they are just that…….no mathematical equation, no scientific explanation they just are…………you can’t justify them you can’t deny them, and often, you can’t understand them……….but then, would you want to? Would you want to apply logic to why a sunset takes your breath away, why a piece of art pulls you and sometimes mesmerizes you, why the sound of someones voice makes you smile, those are the unexplainable joys in life……………and the dreams, and the ideals, and the visions of what the world should be………….they make us who we are………..

    1. Yes but I spent 35 + years as a computer systems analyst and programer . I still dissect everything down to it’s components , so they can be put in the right place.

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