I dream of Dreaming.

I can blather all day
it never ends.
I feel, I fear
let’s not pretend.
I want you to want me.
I need love and a friend.
No games. No drama.
I’m the fool in the end.

Everyday I am amazed to be alive. The older I get the more amazed I am. Maybe its dementia . I am stunned to still be dreaming of finding someone after living alone most of the last 35 years. It is only human to want to be loved. It seems illogical to the Spock in me.

I want to say all the things I am feeling to her. Nope, I don’t. She might feel the same way and I have nothing to offer her. I am a coward when it come to affairs of the heart.
Why do I write these blog? It’s not because I expect you to care or that I have some compelling need to pass what I know on to you.
I’m a polymath . I know a lot about many things. A jack of all trades and master of none. So no expert advice, a unique point of view maybe.

I dream of dreaming and utopias where all love and work together and share the earth treasures equally. No greed, hate of violence.
I dream of silent empty streets paved with the pain of hungry children and the shame of parents unable to provide.
I dream of living a life where no matter how much I achieve it is seen as a paper victory, because of who my people are ,and where they come from.
I dream of a future filled with bright promise, rapidly dimmed by greed and egos.
I wake to the walls of the prison I have built of my ignorance.

I did some art today. Look for it if you interested it’s on my web site at david-lane.pixels.com

Take a Walk Down a Country Road with Me

Photography Prints

Take a walk with me down this old country road.

Well what do you know we found some Shrooms. Photography Prints

Let us see… “You just ate some kind of mushroom and your mind begins to grow.” Art Prints

The colors they seem so bright. Sell Art Online

And the eyes are playing tricks. Photography Prints

The bark on this tree seems a little funny looking Art Prints

Ahhh that’s better… or is it? Photography Prints

Wait! there go the eyes again Art Prints

Hummmmm things seem better. It’s a little early fall color. Sell Art Online

We’ve reached the pond , our destination. Art Prints

What do we find a little. Sell Art Online Art Prints

And this guy who tells me its time to go. Art Prints

Ode to Autumn

Art Prints

Autumn winds blow fresh across my brow. Bringing promises of crisp morning jaunts through fields and hills splashed by natures paint box.

Sell Art OnlineSell Art Online

Pumpkins glowing orange among the dying vines that nourished them through the summer. The trees dance in the breeze, waving their colorful skirts and petticoats, welcoming the long winters rest that is nearly upon them.

Farmers gatherer the hay in huge rolls, gather the wheat, collect the corn, leaving barren fields for the creatures of the woods and sky to glean.

Photography PrintsArt Prints

Squirrels scamper, their cheeks puffed with seeds and nuts to hide away for winter suppers , geese honking over head on their way to warmer climes , no need to endure the harsh days to come.

Photography PrintsSell Art Online

Soon the early snows will trace the graceful curves of the tree branches. making abstracts landscapes across the woods and I will settle in for winter and dreams of flying down the hills of my youth and of course, Santa.

Click here to see my ode to autumn slide show

Space oddity an Art Fable

Some of you know that every once and a while i lose my mind and out pop these fables. I have also Have been told that it was confusing at first because people did not notice or follow the text between the images. So here is a brief explanation. The text Start the narrative which is completed by the title of the image following it. The narrative continues after each image or series of images. As always I ask that you comment , even if its nasty and help me keep this going.

The night was Sell Art Online the clouds boiling with seeming rage and threatening to take it out on the innocents below. It was Art Prints and I had just woken from a Sell Art Online. I began to meditate Art Prints from the upset of the dream. Calming images drifted through my head, Sell Art OnlineArt PrintsPhotography PrintsSell Art Online As I got up from my meditations and headed to the shower I was hoping it would be a quite day while I was Art Prints. Part 2 soon if there is some demand for it.