Experiments in Digital Art Part 1

Variations on a theme

I have been creating digital art since the first version of MS Paint was released on windows. I like to challenge myself experimenting with different techniques and programs. I use digital tools that mimic brushes and I create using the traditional methods of blending , shaped brushes etc. I use nontraditional methods, engaging the latest tools that technology can provide. From fractal generators to effects filters, vector graphics to simple pixel manipulation.

My latest project “Variations on a theme” started out with this simple fractal generated image using Apophysis 7 .

Starting point

This image is used in this experiment to establish the color palette and through various layering techniques establish overall design and layout.
Here in part one I am not going to go into great detail showing the various steps and tools used to create the next three images, but instead, I am just showing what is possible if you have a sense of design and knowledge of the digital tools at the artist’s disposal . For those of you who still believe that digital art means the computer did it I assure you that is only true of the above image, which was generated by the computer, after careful consideration and attention to selection and entering of parameters by a human (me).
This next example shows the use of both be digital filters and traditional painting methods to produce an abstract floral landscape using the colors of the original image and some of its layout . Selection of brush size and shape and application followed traditional painter techniques while applying the digital paint to the digital canvas. This image required the most time and thought of the three show here, as I wanted to give a more finished “painterly” look. The question of it being art or if I had any skill in producing, as was my intent , an image of a riotous abstract flower garden, is left for another discussion. You may of course, and are encouraged to, leave a comment below.
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The next piece in this experiment uses a number of “Auto-painting” tools to produce a series of shapes and design artifacts based on the underlying images color palette and structure to produce an abstract image. This is not a autonomous computer generation however as selection of the “auto brush” and the placement of the output of the “auto brush” are selected by a human artist, using human sense of composition and color to produce a final result.
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This third example in my experiment is simple a different selection of tools and thoughts on the abstract compositions given the self-imposed constraints for this exercise .

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I hope I have given some of you some food for thought, and perhaps enlightened a few of you on aspects of using the computer as another brush in the artist toolbox. I hope to continue this journey in part 2 by giving more step by step examples and perhaps revealing some of the thought processes I go through when I create.

Why I don’t like Blogging

I hate blogging . Why? It’s like a wife or mother nagging me all the time to do something. I keep hearing this tiny voice “Write something in your blog. Do it now”. I’ve been very bad and not used my blog for over a year.
So what to write? A week in an artist life? A day? Post and brag about my newest doodles? My extremely knowledgeable opinions? My solutions to the world’s problems? A comedy routine ? Bad poetry?

So here I am again. Brain freeze. Nothing to say, who would want to hear it anyway?
Please visit my art site. Look at my art. Critique it if you know how. Buy it if you don’t. All of it can be seen here
A quick note. I play at art. I experiment and I post it. Love it! Hate it! It’s an expression of some piece of me. Here is my newest.
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This week in my artist life

My week in art 06-17-12 was, as is not unusual for me , very up and down. The usual artist complaints of nothing f ing works, to masterpiece! to bah what does the public know about art.
As a retired person living in Florida on a tight budget I can’t get away from my artwork space often. I go swimming nearly every day, weather permitting . which this week was not much with all the rain. I try to get to the beach for walks in the evening, and explore this area, as I am new to it, but the call of the muse is compelling . i must give in to it. It sweeps me into another place where the computer screen and the art that must be produced , take control.
So here is most of my work for this week

Spirits Over the Bay
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This is one of those abstracts where I saw a image flash if front of me as I was working on this. It was not where I was intending to go, but if you lean your head to the right, and imagine the land colored greens and browns are the shoreline of a bay seen from far above, then the spirits or daemons or angles , what have you appear in the sky and perhaps a battle?

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A comment left on this one was ” What a vivid color abstract!” The image invokes the feel of a sorcerer and sorcery in me, probably not my most effective piece this week.

Sell Art Online
I expected this to garner more attention than it has. maybe it’s not as good as I thought it was. I felt a lot of emotions when I was doing this and was quite pleased with my selrf. The title SDamurai just screamed out of the image to me. I did get a comment on FAA “Stunning. Totally love this!” not sure if they “got” it but at least someone noticed.

Street Scene
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I don’t know what to say. This got no comments from anyone on any site. No good. ? Not seen? I like it. As to why I called it street scene, it’s loud, noisy, busy and chaotic .

Fantasy 062112
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This one is another I thought would be popular, It’s almost an exploding landscape . I got an it’s cool and a wow so someone liked it.

In the light
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This piece really surprised me. I liked it , but I didn’t think it was all that special. It’s this weeks winner though with or 50 like and 20 + shares on google+. 112 comments like “this is really magical, I love the flow, the softness and the colours”, to cool, wow, deep , awesome. Strange it got no notice from anyone on FAA.

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This is the start of a series I am experimenting with. I’m always tiring new things and just playing around having fun. This was fun to watch evolve from something totally different. It got a comment “Wow! this is very nice”

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This is another in the new experimental series. it’s too new to have been seen much. I hope I get some feedback.

Garden Wall
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Last one of the week. A little down to earth for a change. Has got nice reception on FaceBook so far people seem to like it.

So this is my week in art. Looking back , I’m both pleased and frustrated.. It’s hard to see so little feedback. I cannot grow as an artist if people are to busy to comment on my work . So help me grow tell me what you like and don’t like.
No sales this week sigh, always next week I guess. I will try and do this more often if it gets attention and people want it.

The Meaning of my Art (an exercise in BS ing)

The Meaning in my Art
The art of BS ing
Most of my work is abstract, and I am fond of saying, “Don’t ask what it is or means, but how does it make you feel? ” What do you see”. Apparently this is not enough for some people . . So even though I have no PHD in symbolism or art history and don’t claim to be an expert , I figure, since it’s my art, and I can Pile it High and Deep with the best of them. I present the following treatise on the meaning of some of my stuff.

Experiment in Dementia
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This piece represents the mental storm churning inside . The peaceful greens and blues are the calm tranquil thoughts of everyday happiness. The reds, oranges and purples are the dangerous thoughts, the rage the sadness, the black the edges of sanity.

The Road Not Taken
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This piece is the act of looking back on the choices in our lives , the what if I’d moments, where we wonder what could have been. The greens of the greener grass on the other side of the fence. The reds of the excitement of the adventure of new places and experiences . The blues and the “bubbles” are the fugue state the act of daydream perspectives.


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This piece represents the conflict I feel between my atheist, logical side and the spiritual feelings , that arise when contemplating the universe and it’s incredible strangeness and beauty. The stone altar, the rainbow aura surrounding it . The yellow orange spirit of wonder and doubt that the tries to destroy my strong blue foundations of logic and reason.

The Source

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This is my vision of the well spring of my art and my life, The different colored energies I as an artist tap into when I work. The fuzzy visions when I start a piece, the wispy drifting off of inspiration and and the gray beige background of our lives.

Ok enough ? Let me know if You want me to continue this exercise.

It’s a New Year in a New City

Well it’s a new year, in a new city, and I have some new works to show you.  These new works are a slight departure from my normal fractal abstracts.  They belong to a series I am calling Botanical fantasies.

Those of you who’ve followed me on face book or Fine Art America know that I recently moved to Daytona Beach Florida.  It’s been fun exploring a new city.  I especially love the beach.  There are lots of nature preserves and hundreds of species of birds that I have had little chance to encounter in upstate New York.  I will be including some pictures from Daytona Beach and some of the birds I’ve been lucky enough to capture with my camera, in another blog hopefully next week.

So here are some of the images from my new series I hope you enjoy them.

Photography Prints

Photography Prints

Art Prints

Please Visit my web page to see them all. David Lane Fine Art

Happy new year!  I hope this year is filled with love, peace, and happiness.

I had too much to dream last night

I dreamed I was flying last night. The wind rushing over my bald pate creating wind tunnel like flows of majestic colored clouds. I flew over spring time fields of green and gold
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and autumn colored hills and valleys.
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I saw strange fractal patterns
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and fantastical flowers.
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The chaos of my currently reality tried to claim me
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But I flew on through cartoon like landscapes
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Sell Art Online

and abstract places
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i awoke in the nightmare of my current situation refreshed momentarily, knowing someday I will be happy again.

These words I write like drought shriveled leaves, crumble with time.

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A  Phantom winds sweep

drought  ravaged lands

the relentless furnace of the sun


Shade is no refuge

no breeze flows

no evaporation cools.

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Dawn is the only sane time

it’s false coolness seems real enough

walking, is possible

not pleasant

possible, for the dog

wilting dragged along

I surrender.




These words I write

like drought shriveled

leaves, crumble with time.


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Dreaming of cold icy winds as I melt in the 21st consecutive 100 degree day.

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icy winds sweep across my brow
frost on beard .
Sliding down a snowy slopes
moguls and powder , refresh .
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Serene images of snow dressed pines
deciduous trees outlined in white .
Air fresh with a bite.
infinite vistas
from top of the world.

Snow bunnies and stud muffins
prowl in the chalet.
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