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Dan Turner’s 7 Keys To Selling Art Online

by Dan Turner download: Dan Turner's 7 Keys To Selling Art Online (7.83MB)
added: 07/06/2011
clicks: 3397
description: Right Click and Save As

1001 Free Twitter Apps and Services List

by The Art Of Pamela download: 1001 Free Twitter Apps and Services List (703.88KB)
added: 18/06/2011
clicks: 7
description: A huge list of Apps and Services designed to help with Twitter

Art Material Safety by E Kinnally download: Art Materials Safety by E Kinnally (98KB)
added: 23/01/2013
clicks: 1121
description: Disclaimer: This article concerns itself with the common sense safety aspects of art materials and art safety in general. The author is not a qualified health practitioner, chemist or environmental expert, nor does the author claim to have expertise in art materials safety, materials handling, techniques, disposal or other similar topics. The intent of this article is merely to raise individual awareness of some of the issues involved and to encourage the reader to take steps to learn more about the factors involved with the hazards of artist’s materials. Use qualified information sources as the basis for your decision making. Links to specific products or websites are not an endorsement of any type. The author may change the contents of this document at any time, either in whole or in part. Credits: The author wishes to express his appreciation to P. Kevin Sysak, PhD Organic Chemistry, Stanford University, Adjunct Professor of Chemistry at Central Arizona College, former Assistant Professor at UCLA, a friend and colleague with manufacturing safety training and experience, and also to Mark D. Gottsegen, Co-Director of AMIEN and Materials Research Director at the Intermuseum Conservation Association, and past Chair of ASTM D01.57 on Artists' Materials for their kind critique and suggested improvements to this work. Their helpfulness is sincerely appreciated. Copies: You may download, copy, and freely distribute this document in its entirety provided that this notice, the copyright notice, and all hypertext links are preserved intact. Excerpts must also include the copyright, this notice, and any hyptertext links embedded in the excerpt. Do not copy this article; download the document from Some exceptions may be granted upon request. Submit commentary, requests, questions and suggestions to© 2007

“Lyrical Hearts & Creative Soul”

by Viet Tran download: Lyrical Hearts & Creative Soul by Viet Tran (B)
added: 09/07/2011
clicks: 2854
description: "Lyrical Hearts & Creative Soul" is a collaboratively visual and poetic project between Thao Chuong and twenty FAA artists who were interested in having their artworks poetically echoed by interactive poetry. FAA featured artists listed by orders in my first Ebook Artist Marta Zacharal, Artist Charles Peck, Artist David Lane, Artist Evelyn Patrick, Artist BethEdwards, Artist Richard Rizzo, Artist Heather Hennick, Artist Marlene Burns, Artist Dindin Coscolluela, Artist Natalie Holland, Artist/Writer Kevin Callahan, Artist Cher Odum, Artist Enver Larney, Artist Pat Purdy, Artist Angel Ortiz , Artist Viktor Savchenko, Artist Jim Coe, Artist V Holecek, Artist Richard Hubal, and Artist/Poet David Dunham.

Photoshop Elements Tutorial On Straightening And Cropping Photographed Work

by CMG Design Studios

Article Photoshop Elements Tutorial On Straightening And Cropping Photographed Work download: Straighten Crop Tutorial by CMG Design Studios (613B)
added: 13/04/2012
clicks: 1587
description: A 30 day trial of Adobe Photoshop Elements can be downloaded from here. Elements 9 can be purchased on sale at Amazon for only $59. Version 10 just came out and version 9 has been marked way down. You can purchase it here. The tutorial is in a simple work document with easy to follow text and pictures, and can be downloaded here. To follow along, the image used in the tutorial is in the download

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