How do I put one of my images from my galleries into the discussions or on another page?

Next to each image is some HTML code which makes a ‘badge’ to use on other sites or in the discussions.

Now, right click is disabled to help stop theft so how do you get hold of that code?

Highlight it by clicking in the box.

When highlighted, click ctrl + C on your keyboard at the same time, or Toolbar > Edit > Copy (most browsers)


My code here in this image is <a href=’’ size=’20’><img src=’′ alt=’Art Prints’ title=’Art Prints’ style=’border: none;’></a>

Now just paste into the space you want your image badge to show.  Remember though that this is HTML code so wherever you place it must accept HTML.  The discussions, your profile and the groups homepages do.

Mine would show this

Art Prints

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    I have a IMAC COMPUTER.I do not have that ctrl on a Mac .so can you tell me how to do that on my fine art America site and for my group of artists to show our art on a feature group page as well. Thank you I would really Appreciate it very much. :^) Debi

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      Almost exactly the same way but use the Apple command

      Copy – command + C
      Paste – command + V

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    I tried to post my image link to a friend via email but only the code shows, not the image. Is there a way to have the image show?

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    YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! It WORKED. Yup Yup Yup. I feel good. da na na na na na na na. I feel good.

    THANK U, THANK U. I cherish U.

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    When i copy the code to display an image in a post instead of “buy a print starting at….” it says “Buy the original for $—–“. I want to have the info re the original but not to be part of a post. How can i change that?

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    How do I post the link of my image from my gallery to a discussion or on another page, not the picture?
    Thank You

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      Just copy the address (link/URL) from the top of your browser. It will start http://

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    Okay I guess I am having a “moment” because I am not getting it – where is the link on my photo that I have to copy?

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      Go to your image page.
      look on the right hand side
      Look for the code that you can highlight