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Founded in 2004, 1stAngel Arts Magazine is a rapidly growing font of knowledge and interest for people from, and interested in, the arts

Our audience has grown with us and we now reach many thousands of readers, with over 14,000 following us just on social media networks alone

Our posts encompass many areas, including holidays and equipment, tips, news, reviews and interviews. Our biggest reader base is from the USA, followed by UK and India.  This means that we have a wide range of people reading the magazine.

As you know, having an article purely about you would help you get out to an even wider audience and this is where we can help you, in the form of an interview, talking not only about your art but, about you as an artist.

People LOVE to see what makes you tick and feel a connection with an artist they know. You can even reply to any comments or queries in the comment section below on each page.

*NEW* We are talking and looking into bringing in recorded interviews so, if you fancy that, give me a shout and we will add you to our list for a recorded interview coming soon, or you can use the written ones which you can see examples of below


Two of my favourite interviews are one by the Author and creator of Xanth whose website for young authors won the Special Recognition for Service to WritersPiers Anthony 


Shawn Bowen, also sometimes known as “ObiShawnKenobi”. who’s band Neurotica was discovered by Brian Johnson (AC/DC)

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PLEASE NOTE: You can mix and match interviews if you do more than one subject and we will edit to make it flow

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