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Google Search Changes

A lot of us are finding ourselves becoming more aware of and alarmed by what’s happening to our personal information on the internet (George Orwell / Big Brother … here we come!) and as such, we greeted Google’s soon-to-be implemented privacy policy with raised eyebrows.  Google plans to share user data across its online services … from YouTube to Google+ to Google Analytics, right down to what we’ve been Google-searching.

If you’re at all uneasy, I’m including a couple of links that beautifully describe what to do to eliminate the worry of Google plastering your personal information all over the universe.

The first link is from “Digital Journal” and was written by JohnThomas Didymus.  It’s concise, it’s coherent and it’s step-by-step complete:


The second link I’m including is from “1st Angel Magazine,” written by Beth Edwards:


This might be considered by some as just another example of “scare journalism” … but I urge everyone to at least become familiar with what’s happening, and make your own informed decision.