The Coming On Of Winter

The Coming On Of Winter … © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

Sometimes when you’re out in the country expecting to enjoy the autumn glory of brilliant leaves and golden fields at their most colorful, you can have a disappointing surprise. As you drive the country hills and valleys, slowly clouds can take over and the light can become dim and hushed. Suddenly a day that began bright and filled with magic light can transform.  Even the most picturesque scenes can lose their punch on days like that.

But the earth-tones and subtle light can have a simple magic all their own. The coming-on of winter can herald many contrasting thoughts and feelings … of endings … of goings … but also of cookies baking in the oven and warm fireplaces lit for the first time after the stuffy heat of summer.

It’s all about the light for some of us … but sometimes the more somber tones of the coming-on of winter can be beautiful, too.

This image was actually inspired by a song from Joni Mitchell … “Urge For Going” … which has been playing in my head for days.


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