At Just Dawn

“At Just Dawn” … © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

Sometimes the early morning light falls across the countryside in levels. It sets autumn trees aglow while the rest of the landscape waits its turn in semi darkness. I’ve seen it happen.

The image of the barn and the surrounding landscape are my loose interpretation of the Phillip Pry Barn located in the Antietam Battlefield National Park. Wounded soldiers of the Civil War battle of Sharpsburg / Antietam were treated here, September 17, 1862.

Any historic sites or structures that you’ve visited and which left an impression?  I’d love to hear about them!


As always, for a better view of the above just click into the image.



    • Robin, thank you!!!!! So glad you liked the way I did the colors. I really and truly did see a dawn very much like this, years ago. I don’t see too many dawns, so it may be a far more common occurrence than I realize. This was one of those images that I just said, hey … I’m done. I’d planned to do a whole lot more to it, but … where it was, I thought, let’s just let it go. I kind of like the sketchy look. I have another one that I’ll post shortly that sort of … SORT of … goes with this … in style at least. YOU know how that goes!!!! Thanks so so much for your lovely visit and note … I must stop by and see how YOU are doing … hoping that the “irritation” … has improved and is all better??

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