Curious Cows

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted … I’ve been on another one of those weird creative streaks.  Can’t say I have as much to show for it as I’d like, but that’s one of the things I’m realizing about all this artsy-stuff.  Sometimes no matter how hard we try, we just aren’t quite satisfied with the results of our labors.  Lots of images find their way to the digital-dumper or at best, an external hard drive.

The image I’m going to describe today is a perfect example.

“Curious Cows” started out as a shot of a group of cows along the side of the road.  I was enjoying one of those beautiful barn-hunting afternoons, but as I crowned a hill and started slowly down the other side an adorable little herd of cows stopped what they were doing and moseyed on over to the barbed-wire fence.

I drive a remarkable little old car.  It’s one of those amazing old darlings that is more mechanical than electronic (and to me, that’s a good thing) … but one of the electronic things it does have, thank heavens, is auto windows.  So I was able to roll the window down and get the shot across the passenger seat.  I remember wishing I’d had a bunch of apples in the car … or whatever it is that cows consider a treat … but since I didn’t, all I could do was send the ladies a polite thank you for posing, and drive on.

The photo stayed in the archives for a long time.  There was nothing special about it except for the expressions in the eyes of those darlings and the way they were all looking at me so hopefully.

With my fascination for digital art a lot of older photos which originally seemed mediocre, are now a new gold mine of possible fun.

So I started playing with the cows a few weeks ago.  And played … and … well, you get the idea.  I liked it, but there was a but … and at first I didn’t even know what it was.  Ultimately, I did something that I’m pretty good at.  I convinced myself that the image was done, and that the thing that was sort of bothering me (I’d figured it out by this time) was actually a plus.  I didn’t like the wall of trees behind the cows, but I told myself it was beneficial because I didn’t want a busy background to compete with the cows’ eyes, which I felt and still do feel, were the stars of the show.  So I went ahead and put it up on my website and moved on to playing with other images.

However (not to overuse the “but” word) … there’s something else I’m trying to do, too, and that is to listen to my little inner voice, my own personal critique-person.  And my critique-person was still bothered by that wall of trees.  And today … my critique person, instead of just silently nagging at me, actually came up with a solution.  And voila!  A path through the trees to a weathered old red barn in the distance.  Very subtle, so as not to distract from those sweet brown eyes, but still adding depth and dimension.

“Curious Cows” … copyright Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

I think this one’s finally done for real this time!!


As always, click into the image to get to my website where you can mouse over the image for a magnified peek at those fabulous eyes.

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  1. Ahh! the vagaries of being an artist lol! there’s an old adage saying it takes two people to paint – The artist and somebody to hit him over the head when it’s finished” 😂👍😀

    • Very true!!!! And you know it’s also the case with creative writing … I think it probably holds true with anything creative. My problem may be, though, that I hit my own self over the head too soon, sometimes!!! One of my creative writing teachers used to say when you think you’re done, put it in a drawer (this is before computers were popular and everything was done on yellow legal pads, lol) and leave it alone for a week. Well, THAT was impossible, but i did try to leave it alone for a day or so. Then come back to it with fresh eyes. Same holds true with what we do, I think … but I’ve got that impulsive streak that can be hard to control!!!

    • Thanks so much, sweetie!!! I think the real lesson learned is to listen to that wee small voice that says, “ahh ahh ahhhhhh … just a minute there, girlie!!! Not so fast!!!!” LOL!!! I can get so wrapped up in the process itself. And of course after spending hours and days on something, I lose track of objectivity. Can’t see the forest for the trees, so to speak. But I’m learning to listen to that voice. Well, I TRY to listen to it, anyway!!!

  2. LOVELOVELOVE this! The cow faces are so expressive! And the depth you’ve achieved is terrific! (Can’t “Like” this on my phone but I do, I really do!!)

      • Lois!! I’m so glad my comment got through!! YAY!!! Not sure if the “Like” did or not, but I hope so. So far I haven’t found a “Follow” button to follow you but I’m still looking. ::waves::

        • Thank you … you’re such a good girl!!!!! Yes, comment and like!!!! And the “follow” is a bit further down each page … it’s not technically a follow but is a “subscribe” … and from what I understand from other folks, it does work. There’s actually a subscribe via email, then there’s another “subscribe” button where I think you get notifications via other social media thingies. If you decide to give either a try, let me know if they work out okay!!

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