Golden Lily

“Golden Lily” … © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

A richly-colored yellow lily curls back her her strong petals in welcome to the bees and butterflies and other insects that are so important to her and to us all here on Planet Earth. Seen on a warm June morning, the slanting rays of the early sunlight catch her tall, vibrant golds like a beacon of hope and leave the rest of the garden still in darkness.

One of the several varieties of lilies my husband and I planted in the perennial gardens at our old house. This one was always a show stopper. I miss her and her siblings, especially at this time of year.  One of the reasons we moved was the 2-acres and all the gardens were becoming a bit of a chore and my husband and I admitted, that the longer we lived there, the bigger the chore would become. (We’re not spring chickens anymore  ) … but I find myself wanting to plant more and more of my old favorites here at the new house.

Sadly (or not) there isn’t nearly as much gardening space, so that’s a bit of an issue …

Do you have a favorite flower in your own garden?  I’d love to hear about it!!!


As always, a click into the picture should take you to my website where your mouse can hover over the image and see the details … I especially liked how the tips of those little pokey things came out.  What are they called again???  Stamens, I think??


  1. I’d go for yellow and white lilies! Alas, I have no garden here, just a coffin-sized courtyard which gets almost no sun. I have three pots out the front which does get sun but they need a complete overhaul. I’m thinking of getting a local business, The Coastal Gardner, to choose something perfect for this area that I don’t have to worry about! I usually kill stuff. I recently bought a small zebra plant which I was told I couldn’t kill. Ha, I thought, watch me do it!

    • Awww … I have spotty luck with plants. I usually over water … the typical situation where I do too much. Have learned to tone down the amount of plant food to a dull roar, but only after putting geraniums and other plants through misery for years! And how right you are about the light. Well, we live, we learn. Your plan to get someone in with suggestions is a good one … keep me posted on your success. Pictures, please!! Our plants and gardens, even though small, bring such joy!!!

  2. My fave flower is in my mother’s garden, where she has a large Monk’s Hood plant. This thing is bursting with blooms – honestly, you can’t find the space to add another flower. The fascination for me, though, is with the bees. Bees LOVE this thing and work at it steadily, all day, every day. Watching them and listening to their industrious buzzing is rather meditative and helps put things in perspective, in an odd way.

    • How cool!!!! I had no idea what this plant was so looked it up. It is beautiful … and oddly … I may have had a wild one (planted by the birdies) in our old garden. I have a photo of it somewhere. I’ll have to study it and the Google images a bit better. But I love your beautiful description of the humming of the bees … and know exactly what you mean about their soothing song!! And … how things DO need to be put in perspective right now, right?? Thanks so much for dropping by!!

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