More Snow Please

Cripes … the ac went out … and of course, it’s a long weekend.  Sigh.  Rainy-ish and not hot, well not yet anyway, but humid and clammy.  Ug.

What to do … what to do … I know … I’ll do up a fun winter-y image!!!!!

More Snow Please … © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

A beautiful white Samoyed gal standing in a snowy field gazes out at us as a light dusting of powered flakes falls lightly. The expression on her face clearly says she hopes there will be more snow … please!!

A northern breed, the Samoyed is never happier than when playing in the snow … even the older dogs will frisk and play and frolic as if they were still puppies.

Yep.  It worked.  I feel cooler.



For a better resolution, plus the ability to mouse over and peek at detail-y bits, just click the image.

So?  What kinds of things do YOU do to keep cool … summer’s around the corner … I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments box below!!



    • Thank you, Bette!!!! I’m not one for the heat. If we want to save money on electric, I’m good to go in winter. Turn the heat down … add another sweater, another pair of socks. But at my age … in summer … as far as layering and UNlayering in concerned, there’s really only so far a lady should go. IF ya know what I mean. ; ))

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