Venice City of Bridges … and Gardens


“Venice City of Bridges” … © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

A stroll through Venice Italy, either by gondola, cruise ship, boat, water-taxi, ferry, or feet will probably leave you open mouthed and awe struck. I know it did me. Well, that and jumping up and down with excitement (silently and invisibly, of course). The architecture of homes, public buildings, cathedrals and bridges is unique, beautifully balanced and breathtakingly colorful.  And the people are a delight.

Venice is a city steeped in history and romance, truly a place of magic.

“Gardening Venice Style” is a close up of one of the houses in the above “Venice City Of Bridges” with a slightly different painterly technique, but I think they still make a cool artistic go-together.

“Gardening Venice Style” … © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

When we arrived in Venice, we’d been crammed into a noisy tin-can up in the air for what seemed like weeks.  I really don’t like flying … used to, but not anymore.  Once earth-bound again and we’d gone through whatever it is one goes through when one is dead-asleep on his or her feet in a foreign country, we made it to our state room and did the unpacking thing.  OOooo that comfy bed had a siren song with my name for its title.   But I held strong.  We grabbed a water-taxi and bobbed over to the incredible architectural vision that is Venice.  I don’t know how I made it through that first evening, dead-dog tired as I was, but the vision of this amazing city was even more awe-inspiring than I’d imagined.  And I woke right up.  You know, as many stories as you read … as many movies as you watch … actually being there is so so different from the reality.  And I will never, ever forget that gondola ride.

But that’s another story …


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    • Thanks so much, Mary … it was a lot of fun, but one of those that had to sit and stew awhile before I brought it out. I know you know how that can be sometimes!!

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