Interview With VIVA Anderson

Rhythm Of My Tremor B&W

I first became interested in Art as a child, when I watched my handsome brother paint at home downstairs. He had lots of girlfriends and they loved having him paint them of course. At that time, around age 8, I also was making my own greeting cards/collages for my family. Lots of torn doilies, lol.

My style varies, depending on my intent for the image. I am au fait with all contemporary and historical styles of Art. My own personal favourite style is Abstraction.

Yellow Tree - Australia
Yellow Tree – Australia by VIVA Anderson ©All Rights Reserved

At first, I was glad to portray what I saw, effectively. Since then, I have evolved into an Abstractionista ! Although I still do realism, but with a twist. Abstraction gives me the freedom to respond to the subject in my own way …. feeling/thinking outside the square.

My favourite medium is charcoal drawing…it is so organic. And, I painted in oils for over 20++ years. Now, because of apartment living, I am using and abusing Acrylics. I chose acrylics to be free of toxins and odours.

Odd Man Out
Odd Man Out by VIVA Anderson ©All Rights Reserved

My ideas are sparked by my thoughts/imagination and also my response to a life situation or political issue. I rarely work from a set-up still life now. Imagination Rules. The images are the result of a life long lived and memory. The colours I use are usually a ‘limited palette’…it suits me on pieces that I want to paint for quietude and contemplation. But ……. I go mad with colour when doing abstraction,too. It ‘depends’.

I had the good luck to have a studio for years, right outside my kitchen door…it was a haven for me. When in the UK, I worked in the greenhouse ! Along with ‘pinched-out seedlings I raised and sold by the box! Now, in 2016, living in this new apartment, I am fortunate to have a lovely ‘loggia’ separate to the lounge room, and am set up happily.

It will surprise you to know my favourite artist – Ben Nicholson…I love his elegant simplicity, which is complex of course, and his palette, and thoughtfulness.

My favourite of my own work, hmmmmmm. As I work, each one is a favourite.

Over time, I must say, this is my Favourite: “An Iris For The Master”.

An Iris For The Master
An Iris For The Master by VIVA Anderson ©All Rights Reserved

It is done in a really minimalistic,abstract design, and causes thought in viewers, who like that it is an ‘iris – not’. A tribute to Van Gogh.

Time on any work, for me, is very long….I think a lot…..then I paint, then I re-paint, then I re-paint again.

And now, with acrylics, I paint 10 times as much due to the nature of them. I do not get the texture or depth with them, that is so much a part of my expression.

Windmills Of My Mind
Windmills Of My Mind by VIVA Anderson ©All Rights Reserved

I don’t mind criticism…..if I respect the source. Otherwise I quietly dismiss it.

How do I know a thing is finished? I just know. Yes, I walk away. I sign it as a gesture to ‘finito’.

I found an interested Gallery here in Sydney when we came here to live, and did quite well, though at the time, I was a very poor photographer, and have few images left from that time for that reason. Doesn’t bother me much. It was a thrilling experience.

There are no plans for a show in the future. Because….much has been sold. And now, from my own photos of my work, I am ‘enhancing’ them for POD (print on demand)…they have moved on, with me.

The possibilities for POD are endless.

Vessels Very Colorful
Vessels Very Colorful by VIVA Anderson ©All Rights Reserved

and now I am back painting, woohoo, and am doing, finally, a painting about Stones…I will have a gallery at FAA on my page when I gather all my images about stones, pebbles, rocks, mountains …….. Stones I love because I have collected them forever and each is from a place on earth I visited when I travelled. Also, stones relate to burials .. traditional use of them instead of flowers….I like the idea.

My plans, at 78++, for the future are to keep on keeping on as long as possible. I have a tremor, and it affects my abilities ….. but, I have made it a part of my Art !

See: Rhythms Of My Tremor image below

Rhythm Of My Tremor B&W
Rhythm Of My Tremor B&W by VIVA Anderson ©All Rights Reserved

The best advice I ever received was SIMPLIFY! The best I can give is, Follow your heart. Practice,practice,trust yourself !

I am a perpetual student…have taken high and low seriousness courses, world-wide, and they were wonderful experiences.

I am home-bound now, do not drive, and not near any local Art Schools, but am not sorry …… have had my fun. Driving at my age is dangerous…………….for others !!

I don’t market my work. I could, but it’s different now…my images are files…the originals are mostly sold or lost in transport………lived/moved/removed on 4 Continents.

I do upload to FACEBOOK, courtesy FAA link.

The Bishop's Mitre
The Bishop’s Mitre  by VIVA Anderson ©All Rights Reserved

I would, if I were asked, be interested on working on commissions, though am not interested in family, animals, portraits …. or flowers/still life … Photographers do wonderful ‘flowers’.

When I could see well, I was also an accomplished seamstress…

I am based and living at Mosman, NSW, Australia, a suburb of Sydney. Out of: Philadelphia, New York, Toronto, New York, UK, Johannesburg, EU.

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  1. Viva thank you for sharing your wonderful story. Love the idea of your studio being a greenhouse at one point!

  2. Dorothy, thank you so much for being interested and for your thoughtful response.

  3. Thank you Dorothy, very much….VIVA

  4. kevin callahan

    VIVA, so good to read about you. Keep on keepin on.

  5. A lovely peek behind the curtain. Revealing and encouraging. “Simplify” is under appreciated. Most of us are adding layers of complexity and accomplishing little more.

  6. YoPedro, thanks so very much and especially that you do always ‘read’ and think and are very kind to post here to me. Yes, keep it simple! On the highest level of complexity, !……..Vivian

  7. Inge Riis McDonald

    Vivian, how nice to actually read a bit about you. As you know, I have admired your art ever since I joined FAA.

  8. Vivian, I really enjoyed your interview and reading about your wonderful abstract work.

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